How To Get Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask

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Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast from Scarlet and Violet DLC The Teal Mask

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's first DLC, The Teal Mask, is available for all. Explore the region of Kitakami, a new location filled with new and returning Pokemon. One of those new Pokemon is Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast, a new form of Ursaluna exclusively available to this DLC.

What are the prerequisites to find Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast?

The obvious pre-requisite to lead you on your path to obtain Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast is having Pokemon Scarlet or Violet and the DLC pack giving you access to the Kitakami region. The more important requirement however is that of the Kitakami region pokedex, a regional dex with 200 possible entries, you need to have caught 150 of the Pokemon.

Perrin's location to start the Bloodmoon Beast questline in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC
Easy to find, just make sure you've caught enough Pokemon

If you spent enough time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to complete your Pokedex and obtain your shiny charm you're already likely well on your way to this goal. Once you do reach 150 caught Kitakami Pokemon you need to find Perrin.

Where to start the Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast quest?

From the Community Center in Mossui Town head to the West. As you reach the edge of town you should see a girl snapping photos standing next to a Hisuin Growlith. Talk to her and she'll introduce herself as Perrin.

Once you prove to her that you've caught 150 Kitakami Pokemon, you can start the Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast questline. The rest of the quest steps are as follows:

  1. Battle Perrin, her team is a Noctowl Lv 68 and Leafeon Lv 70
  2. She will then ask you if you're brave enough to tackle the Bloodmoon Beast
  3. Head to the Timeless Woods and meet with Perrin
  4. Fight off an Ariados Lv 65
  5. Once Perrin has set up a tent speak to her again
    A screenshot from the Photo-taking minigame in The Teal Mask DLC on the Bloodmoon Beast subquest
    Pokemon can be found all over, and aren't as skittish as Perrin wants you to believe...
  6. Complete a photo-taking minigame where you take pictures of 10 Pokemon
  7. Agree to meet the Bloodmoon Beast with Perrin
  8. Fight Ursaluna, the Bloodmoon Beast. This is a Titan fight.

    Ursaluna knows Calm Mind and Earth Power that it cycles between
  9. Once you defeat Ursaluna you can catch it
    Note: This works the same way as catching a raid Pokemon so you can pick whichever Pokeball you want and it's a 100% catch rate
The Pokedex entry for Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC The Teal Mask
Congrats on your brand new one of a kind, kinda creepy looking Ursaluna

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast Stats

Ursaluna is a powerful Ground Normal type Pokemon to add to your team. His stats are:

  • HP: 259
  • Attack: 121
  • Defense: 194
  • Speed: 99
  • Special Attack: 196
  • Special Defense: 103

When you catch Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast he has the ability Mind's Eye and the moves Blood Moon, Earth Power, Slash, and Calm Mind. Blood Moon is Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast's signature move, it is a special attack that has 140 power, 100 accuracy, and 5 PP. It's description reads as follows:

The user unleashes the full brunt of its spirit from full moon that shines as red as blood. This move can't be used twice in a row

How to get Hisuian Growlithe in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask?

After you've obtained Ursaluna Bloodmoon Beast you'll be told by Perrin to meet with her again in Mossui Town. Return to Perrin where you first met her and she will give you a Choice Scarf and will give you the younger brother of her Hisuian Growlithe that you can take on your adventure with you.

Perrin leaves heavily hinting that your Growlithe will meet again in the future, likely for an appearance in the second part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC; The Indigo Disk



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