Dead Island 2 [Redacted] Guide

Last Update: April 21, 2023


Dead Island 2 [Redacted] Guide Header.

Dead Island 2 features a small collection of legendary weapons, most found via Lost and Found sidequests. One of these sidequests is [Redacted], featuring a short excursion across a militarized beach to obtain a powerful gun. In our Dead Island 2 [Redacted] Guide, we’ll go over the steps needed to start and complete this quest.

Dead Island 2 [Redacted] Guide

Map of Venice Beach in Dead Island 2, showing the start and end points of the [Redacted] sidequest.


How to Start [Redacted] in Dead Island 2

The starting point for this sidequest can be found on the southeastern side of Venice Beach, inside one of the military barracks. Inside, you’ll find Lt. Ford, a standard zombie that can be killed to obtain a journal entry. Said journal hints at a powerful weapon that the army acquired, which is up for the taking.

Dead Island 2 [Redacted] Walkthrough

All that’s needed for this quest is to head to the opposite side of the beach, heading through the watchtower and around the back to the cargo crates. One of the crates is open, with an electrified pool of water in front of it. Head behind the crate, turn off the generator, then open the cache inside to claim your prize — the Legendary Bodycount. This gun can fire quickly, which guarantees critical hits while also dealing bleed damage to your target and nearby zombies.

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