Dead Island 2 Missing: Pablo Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a board of missing persons posters with a prompt above one that reads: "Missing: Pablo".

The Lost & Found missions are some of the most interesting parts of Dead Island 2, tasking the player with sharpening their orienteering skills rather than relying on the normally ubiquitous floating waypoints. If you've picked up Missing: Pablo and are a bit lost, then this guide can give you the details of where you need to go to get the mission square away nicely. 

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Dead Island 2 Missing: Pablo Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a tattoo parlor with closed shutters
You'l need to check out Rose Tattoo's, even if that doesn't make much sense to you. 

As per usual, you can find this mission by keeping an eye on the job board at the Serling Hotel. After you've done several story missions since your last visit, you should be able to start this mission by picking up the poster by the doctor's office marked Missing: Pablo. 

Missing: Pablo Lost & Found Quick Guide

  1. Grab the missing poster from the Serling Hotel. 
  2. Fast travel to the Blue Crab at Venice Beach. 
  3. Head to the tattoo parlor on the corner of the main street that leads onto the seafront. 
  4. Get inside and pick up your second clue. 
  5. Head to Muscle Beach Nutrition next to the Strong-Man Gym.
  6. Go behind the Nutrion store and take out the Crusher. 
  7. Bring a Circuit Breaker to the broken panel and repair it. 
  8. Open the shutter at the back of the store and pick up the third clue inside. 
  9. Head for Doc Marin's cannabis dispensary.
  10. Take out Doc Marin. 
  11. Head inside and pick up the final clue. 

Missing: Pablo Lost and Found Full Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a store called Muscle Beach Nutrition nextdoor to an outdoor gym.
You have to admit, that store clearly knows its audience. 

So, Pablo is going out looking for medical supplies on Venice Beach. Fast travel to the Blue Crab, then out onto the main road outside. At the end of this road, you'll be able to find a tattoo store, a prime supply of needles, you might think. Well, regardless of the sense it makes to go to a tattoo shop, head inside by pressing the button on the shutters, then grab the note from behind the counter. It turns out Pablo knew that the owner was diabetic and was going to borrow some of her insulin needles, so maybe he wasn't as stupid as we thought he might be. 

QUICK NOTE: While here, you may want to take the opportunity to get your hands on one of the best Baseball Bats in the game. We've written a guide on acquiring it with simple steps. 

In Pablo's second note, he mentioned heading for a Muscle Beach Nutrition place. Putting two-and-two together, it would make sense if the protein store was right next to the gym. Head up the beach until you hit the outdoor gym. You can see Muscle Beach Nutrition right next to the gym itself. Head around the side of the building and climb up onto a StarHaul truck. Jump over onto the roof and walk back towards the store. If you look into the parking lot at the back, you should see a Crusher locked inside a chain-link fence. 

Take the Crusher down, then unlock the one-way fence gate so you have easier access to the broken breaker panel. Now you're going to need to get your hands on a circuit breaker to fix this panel. The easiest way to find one is to run back to the Blue Crab and check out the security booth in the larger parking lot nearby. There's a booby trap out back, but there's also a circuit breaker you can steal. Grab it and sprint back to the Protein Store panel to get inside the store itself finally. 

Follow the cable from the panel all the way to the shutters at the back of the store and get them open. There are plenty of Walkers and Shamblers inside the store, but not much space to fight them. On the plus side, this makes elemental attacks incredibly effective, so maybe chuck a Molotov and give it a minute to take care of itself. Once they're down, head inside for another clue. Looks like Pablo had one more place on his list to visit, and it's Doc Marin's "green" place, which is a terrible euphemism for a bud dispensary. 

Well, there's only one weed dispensary on Venice Beach (that we have access to, anyway), so head all the way up the other end of the beach to the shop next door to the Brain Freeze Ice Cream store. You should easily spot Doc Marin chowing down on a corpse outside his store like he's got the munchies.

Fighting Doc Marin

Dead Island 2 screenshot displaying a cannabis dispensery with a zombie crouched out front eating a corpse.
Doc Marin has seen better days. 

Cheech has gone wrong, so it's time to take him down a peg or two. Honestly, Doc Marin himself is just a regular shambler, so you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. The problem is that this area is a hotspot for specials, so you could find anything from Slobbers to Butchers baring down on you, depending on how late in the game it is when you do the mission. 

Once he's down, grab the Doc's key and head round back. Let yourself in, but be careful to pick your way through the various shotgun booby traps. Follow the smear of blood across the floor until you come across the final clue that lets us know what exactly happened to Pablo.  


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