Deadly Premonition 2 A Blessing in Disguise Key Art

Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

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The cult classic returns for another go around in Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope Key Art

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

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Abandon all hope, ye who enter here, with The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope from Supermassive Games. 

Lust from Beyond Key Art

Lust from Beyond

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From developers Movie Games Lunarium, the team behind Lust for Darkness, comes Lust from Beyond, the a game that blends horror and erotica in a way never seen before in a game. 

Doom 3 Key Art

Doom 3

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The third and hotly anticipated sequel to Doom 2, Doom 3 takes the series in a new direction, one with atmospheric horror as its primary design. 

The Inner Friend Title Card

The Inner Friend

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Led by a mysterious Shadow, face fears and nightmares inhabiting its materialized subconscious universe.



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Observer is Bloober Team's second project in the psychological horror genre following the major success of their title, Layers of Fear.

The logo for Amnesia: Rebirth

Amnesia: Rebirth

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Amnesia: Rebirth is the latest game in Frictional Games' Amnesia horror series.

Hellpoint's Voracious Vista


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Hellpoint is an upcoming action-horror Soulslike set on Irid Novo - a massive space station orbiting a sinister black hole.

A weird ritual is being completed in this photo


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WORLD OF HORROR invites players to solve a mystery as to why the residents of a Japanese town have begun spiraling toward madness.

The key art for Simulacra 2

Simulacra 2

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Simulacra 2 is a horror game set entirely within a young Instagram influencer's smartphone. Maya Crane is dead, and the police believe it's an open-and-shut case.