Dead Island 2 The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found Guide

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Whether you've stumbled across them while exploring or are going out of your way to complete the full set, the Dead Island 2 Lost & Found missions can be a bit tough. This guide will show you how to get through The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found mission without too much trouble. 

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Dead Island 2 - The Clean and Snatch Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing two zombies kneeling over and eating corpses in a pool, with a glowing item in the background.
You can probably grab this clue and get back out of the pool before they've noticed you're there. 

Once you've unlocked fast travel, you can return to Ricky's House, and you'll find a locked box in his pool with the promise of something cool inside. To start the quest, you need to pick up the clipboard nearby that bears a message from the house's pool cleaner with some of the best French quotes anyone has ever seen before. Just watch out for the electricity at the bottom of the pool. 

The Clean and Snatch Quick Guide

  1. Grab the first clue in Ricky's pool.
  2. Check the pool in Michael's yard to the North-west of Ricky's for a phone.
  3. Check the pool in Dave's yard to the North of Ricky's for another phone. 
  4. Fast travel to Bel-Air.
  5. Check the Goat Pen pool. 
  6. Defeat Obi the Pool Guy
  7. Grab the key and return to Ricky's yard for the reward.

The Clean and Snatch Full Guide

Read the note you picked up to discover the box contains an awesome ancient sword, and you’ll need to find the pool cleaner to unlock the damn thing. Time to go pool hopping and see if we can figure out exactly what happened to Obi the Pool Guy. Head out of Ricky’s front gate and follow the road north and down a slope. The house on your right is Michael’s, and in the pool, you can find another note that indicates Obi stole Michael’s pool unicorn, the bastard.

Head to the house to the east of Michael’s and the North of Ricky’s (you’ll also come here for Ricky’s questline, so maybe get two birds with one stone), and you can find a phone with a text chain written on it about the pool boy. It looks like he’s been making daily visits to a certain pool in Bel-Air due to being infatuated with one of its owners. Time to fast travel back to Bel-Air to solve this mystery. Head for The Goat Pen's pool since the clues so far have pointed towards a pool owned by younger people, and get ready for a fight with Obi the Pool Guy. 

Fighting Obi the Pooly Guy

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a zombie crouching down in a modern pool with palm trees in the background
Obi won't put up too much resistance especially if you have electricity on your side. 

Obi isn't really ready to put up much of a fight, especially since he's standing in a pool that makes electric attacks super effective. So if you've got the electrified throwing star curveball or an electric weapon, he'll go down in a few seconds. Honestly, the rest of the zombies that naturally spawn around The Goat Pen are more of a threat than this dude.  Once he’s taken down, lift his key and travel back to the pool in Ricky’s yard to get your hands on an electrified officer's sword with a bad attitude. At least it’s finally in good hands now. 

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