Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Lost and Found Guide

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Missing: Steve is one of the final Lost and Found Missing Persons missions in Dead Island 2, having you track down a movie director. In our Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Lost and Found Guide, we’ll go over what you need to do to complete this mission, along with the rewards for doing so.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Lost and Found Guide

How to start Missing: Steve in Dead Island 2

Missing: Steve is one of the last few Missing Persons quests, requiring you complete all previous ones aside from Missing: Nadia. As with the others, you can grab it via the Serling Hotel’s missing person request board in Ocean Avenue.

Looking at Steve's To-Do List on top of a red bed in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Missing: Steve Walkthrough

After accepting the quest, fast travel to Monarch Studios and head inside. First, you’ll want to grab the “To-Do List” from the red bed at the right side of the area. From there, head into the kitchen set and interact with items on the counter, along with the phone just behind the set. This will direct you to one of the trailers, hiding a phone (and a named zombie) behind the shut door inside.

Phone acquired, head out of Monarch Studios into Beverly Hills (either via fast travel or the marked gate by the map’s edge). Heading to the apartment, you’ll find Steve both alive and in a safe place. Of course, it wouldn't be Dead Island 2 without Steve throwing a wrench into your plan to rescue him. He wants to direct the dead, rather than the living, and tasks you with luring 3 zombies back to the apartment. It’s best to get each zombie individually, making sure not to kill them as you bring them over.

After the right zombie is brought back, you must kill it once asked to by Steve. You can soften them up a little bit beforehand, though there’s no real need to. Once the third and final zombie is killed, the quest is completed — with the missing person still alive for a change. Missing: Steve rewards 2,500 XP, along with the Krakatoa, one of Dead Island 2’s extremely rare legendary weapons.

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