Dead Island 2 Jo's Rainy Day Stash Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing an abandoned storefront for a surfboard rental company with a cartoon shark mascot out front and a zombie to the left of the store.

If you've just reached Venice Beach, then you might be interested in one of the earliest Lost & Found missions that Dead Island 2 has to offer. These missions are some fo the most interesting in the game, requiring you to solve clues and find locations based on your knowledge of the map. If you've struggled with them so far, check out this guide to get Jo's Rainy Day Stash Lost & Found mission squared away once and for all. 

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Dead Island 2 Jo's Rainy Day Stash Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot depecting zombies crowding around a red pickup truck over a chain link fence
Keep an eye out for the truck 

If you want to pick up this mission, you'll need to head for Jo's Rental store, that's pretty much in the dead center (ha) of the Venice Beach seafront. It's under a bunch of green arches and has a comedy shark out front, so it's pretty easy to find. Destroy the alarm and then break through the glass to find it long abandoned. To start the mission, pick up the clue at the back of the room behind the left counter. 

Jo's Rainy Day Stash Quick Guide

  1. Break into Jo's Rentals at the Centre of the Venice Beach seafront (after disabling the alarm.) 
  2. Read the first clue behind the left counter.
  3. Head for the other Jo's Rentals location on the corner and read the clue behind the counter.
  4. Head to the parking lot to find Jo's Red Truck. 
  5. Fight Jo's Shambling Body
  6. Climb on top of Marla's to retrieve the stash. 

Jo's Rainy Day Stash Full Guide

If you check the phone, that is your first clue, and it becomes apparent that this wasn't the main location that Jo visited, so it might be worth scoping out any other location that happens to be in the area. In fact, you passed one on the corner of the only street on the map, so head back up the line of stores until you see another cartoon shark and head inside. The next clue is another phone hiding behind the counter like the previous one was. 

This time it's a picture Jo himself posted to social media, something about having an escape plan with his friend to meet at his truck in the parking lot. Obviously, this means you need to head to the parking lot yourself. Head around the back and climb over the boxes to get over the chain-link fence, where you should just about spot Jo's famous red truck. You might also see Jo's Shambling Body, a named zombie you'll have to take out to get at Jo's stash. 

Fighting Jo's Shambling Body

Dead Island 2 screenshot depicting several zombies walkign twowards the player with pool of burning oil strewn across the parking lot backdrop.
Honestly, "poor" Jo doesn't put up much of a fight. 

Jo himself isn't particularly dangerous, being a basic shambler. He can be taken down quite quickly, but he also has a bunch of regular zombie friends and a Crusher as well. It's probably worth taking the Crusher down first at a distance. Combo the electric throwing star and chem bomb if you can, or just dodge/block through his pattern until he finally goes down. 

With Jo shambling-no-more, we can grab his key. His final message to his friends states that the stash is up on top of the nearby Marla's restaurant. Use the StarHaul truck to climb on top and be careful to disarm the traps (or just set them off with a curveball while jumping off the roof.) Once they're gone, you can get inside and grab the pretty sweet weapon hiding inside. 

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