Dead Island 2 Fool's Gold Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a bulky Crusher zombie called Dante kneeling on the ground in a lifeguard station.

Lost & Found missions can really be a fun change of pace in Dead Island 2, but they can also be a big challenge, especially if you're already used to having waypoints lead you around by the nose. Well, if you've come across Fool's Gold, then this guide can at least make this Lost & Found mission a little bit more manageable for you. 

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Dead Island 2 Fool's Gold Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing an ice cream shack on a pier with clown iconography and a suspicious blood stain near the door
This ice-cream shack hides a secret, and also has a freaky clown face on it. Coincidence? 

Once you’ve cleared out the lifeguard center on  Santa Monica beach, then completed your mission on the pier, you can find a named Crusher called Dante hanging out underneath the Lifeguard Centre Safe Zone. Get your best weapons equipped, then jump down and take him out to start the mission. 

Fool's Gold Lost & Found Quick Guide

  1. Confront and defeat the Crusher called Dante in the Lifeguard Station near The Pier. 
  2. Pick up the first clue from Dante's body. 
  3. Locate and loot the lockers in the Lifeguard Station. 
  4. Head to the bench behind the ice cream shack on the pier for your next clue. 
  5. Head to the alleyway behind the stores at the northern edge of the map for the next clue. 
  6. Search the perimeter of the station until you find the safe sticking out of the ground. 
  7. Clear the area of enemies, than open the safe for your reward. 

Fool's Gold Lost & Found Full Guide

Dante shouldn't be too tough to take down since he's just a regular crusher. Keep up the pressure and figure out his rhythm to take him down effectively. Once he's gone, you can get the first clue from his corpse to start the mission properly. It mentions a "Retirement Fund" and indicates that you need to loot from the lockers in the Lifeguard Station. You can find them near the front entrance of the station, in a side room. Loot the left locker to receive another note, this time mentioning "The Wheel" and "The Alley by the stores." Time to go find the code we need. 

"The Wheel" refers to the Ferris Wheel, and since the clue also mentions Ice Cream, we have a good idea of where to go. At the back of the Ferris Wheel is an ice cream stand, and behind that stand is a corpse with a phone containing our next clue. One-half of the code is down. Our next location is the tiny little alley to the left side of the strip mall at the top of the map, so head there and pick up Dante's burner phone to discover what actually happened. Watch out for the zombies that spawn outside of the alley once you pick up the phone. 

Finding the Safe

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a safe buried under the sand, with some dead zombies in the background and a lot of litter lining the ground.
That safe can really be hard to spot amongst all of the rubbish next to the lifeguard station. 

With the code in hand, we can head back to the station and find that chest. Walk the perimeter of the station, and you should soon come across it sticking out of the sand. You'll need to fight off a bunch of zeds before you can actually dig it up. It's pretty close to the fence on one side of the station, so hopefully, with the picture above to help you, you should struggle too badly. Once you've opened the chest, you get a pretty powerful legendary weapon that inflicts heavy bleed damage. 

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