Dead Island 2 Missing: Jamal Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a notice board filled with missing persons posters with a single poster glowing titled Missing: Jamal

As well as the regular Lost & Found missions you can find all over Dead Island 2, the Serling Hotel also features an entire load of Missing Persons missions. If you've picked up Missing: Jamal and are struggling to get your hands on the guy, this guide will give you all of the clues you could possibly need to get to the bottom of this mystery. 

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Dead Island 2 - Missing: Jamal Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a corpse sitting in a ransacked security office.
You'll be happy to hear that this isn't Jamal, but it looks like a vacant may have opened up on the security team. 

If you want to pick up this mission, you can get it in the same place that the rest of the missing person missions are found: the Serling Hotel's notice board. Check out the posters to the left of the Doctor's office and pick up the one with Jamal's name on it if you want to start this mission. 

Missing: Jamal Quick Guide

  1. Read the first missing poster on the board. 
  2. Fast Travel to the Halprin Hotel. 
  3. Check out both security booths after disabling the alarms. 
  4. Head for the giant crater at the only intersection on the map
  5. Take out Jamal and his group of friends. 
  6. Grab Jamal's key and open up the lockbox in his nearby truck.

Missing: Jamal Full Guide

If you've read the clue properly, you can tell this guy was originally a security officer for the Halprin Hotel. Time to fast-travel back to the area and see if we can figure out what happened to our friend Jamal. When you arrive, check out both security booths, but make sure you disable the alarm first by smashing it with something heavy, or you'll attract a lot of attention. This area is jam-packed with zeds, so an alarm is a big no-no. 

After you've searched both locations, you'll discover that Jamal did a runner after stealing some riot gear from the police. There's a chance he's actually alive. According to the employee vehicle registry, it's clear Jamal was driving a red truck. Time to head out towards the roads and start searching. When you hit the main intersection, you should find Jamal's truck crashed into the crater. Jamal himself is there, ready to greet you, along with some new undead friends. Time to put Jamal out of his misery. 

Fighting Jamal

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a storage container on the back of a red pickup truck.
This is the stash you're looking for, just watch out for Jamal and his buddies first. 

Jamal isn't really much of an issue, though he is covered head-to-toe in riot gear. It's honestly a better bet to take down the hordes that are backing him up first, especially since you have both the fuel tanker and the fact that everyone is standing in the water. Just be careful because this is a Slobber hot spot and there's a solid chance you've also have one of those to deal with. 

Once you've taken down Jamal, grab his key and then check out the back of the red truck lying off to the side. There's a box called "Jamal's Stash" and a small ammo crate called "Jamal's Ammo." Grab both to finish the quest. 

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