Dead Island 2 Missing: Shane Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a board of missing person posters and a highlighted poster titled Missing: Davis

If you've not already discovered them by now, the Lost & Found Missions in Dead Island 2 are a bunch of quests that eschew traditional waypoints, requiring the player to orienteer a bit. If you've found the Missing: Shane quest and don't know where to turn, this guide will show you how to get through it with no trouble at all. 

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Dead Island 2 - Missing: Shane Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a zombie staring at the screen inside a lifeguard with a safe and a glowing note lying on the desk
This feels like a really, really violent photobomb. 

Once you've completed more of the main storyline, you'll find yet another batch of missing-person posters waiting for you on the notice board. Pick up the one labeled Missing: Shane to start this quest. 

Missing: Shane Quick Guide

  1. Pick up the first clue on the missing person board. 
  2. Fast Travel to Venice Beach, run to Hut 17 and grab the note. 
  3. Run to Hut 18, take down Lifeguard Nell (Runner), and read her note. 
  4. Fast Travel to The Pier and explore the perimeter of the Lifeguard Station. 
  5. Defeat TJ The Lifeguard (Inferno Crusher.) 

Missing: Shane Full Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a huge Crusher zombie walking away into the sunset with the name TJ the Lifeguard over his head.
That's one big boy you'll need to take down. 

The first clue points us towards Hut 17 on Venice Beach, so fast travel to the Blue Crab, then run out onto the beach itself. Hut 17 is the one furthest south on the map (not the one you meet Burt in, if you've already done his questline.) As you approach, you'll notice a decently-sized horde piling around the hut, including some Slobbers and Runners. Take them all out and jump over the electricity to disable the generator. Inside you'll find another note, this time pointing towards Hut 18 just up the beach. 

You should be able to see hut 18 from hut 17, so head up the beach to continue the search. You’ll once again be greeted by a mid-sized horde. This time, be on the lookout for a named Zed called LIfeguard Nell. She’s a runner type but doesn’t have any special attributes for you to be concerned about. Once she goes down, she'll drop a note from Shane pointing towards the main Lifeguard Station near The Pier. Time for more fast traveling, and a big fight to boot. 

Fighting TJ the LIfeguard

Once you've reached The Pier, take a second to equip your best non-fire-based weapons. It might also be worth equipping your Chem Bomb and Electric Throwing Star curveballs since this combo both weakens the enemy and does massive damage. Once you're ready, follow the perimeter of the Lifeguard Station to find an Inferno Crusher called TJ the LIfeguard wandering around. Take him down to discover Shane's final note, and some awesome loot as well. 

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