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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a board of missing persons posters, including a highlighted one with a glowing aura

Once you've got out of the early-game areas of Dead Island 2, you'll find a new breed of side-mission waiting for you: Lost & Found missions. These missions require you to have a decent amount of knowledge of the world around you, almost completely devoid of the hand-holding waypoints you've probably been used to up till now. Well, if you're stuck with the Missing: Laura Lost & Found mission, this guide will show you exactly what to do. 

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Dead Island 2 - Missing: Laura Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing abandoned and ransacked police station with an open door leading further inside
That restroom is hiding an alarm, so make sure you take that out before you destroy the more obvious maglock behind the counter on the left. 

When you reach the Serling Hotel and complete the mission to get the water back on, you’ll be told in passing about a notice board that often has missing people on it. If you check just to the left of the doctor's office, you can find a bunch of posters taped to the wall. Interact with the glowing missing poster to start this mission. 

Missing: Laura Quick Guide

If you want a quick rundown of the mission, then use this quick guide. For a full breakdown of the quest, check out the section below. 

  1. Grab the missing poster from the wall. 
  2. Fast Travel to Venice Beach and check out the police station and its locked cell door.
  3. Grab the clipboard from the main office opposite the cell door. 
  4. Head for Venice Hot Dogs amongst the beachfront stores.
  5. Take down Police Chief Maloy and grab the Cell Key
  6. Return to Police Station and unlock the cell. 
  7. Take down Laura and Emily

Missing: Laura Full Guide

As usual, your first step should be reading the note that you just picked up to get any clues you need. This time it seems relatively obvious that we need to head for the Venice Beach police station, as Laura was last seen being arrested the night of the outbreak. Fast Travel to Venice Beach, and you should see the police station sticking out like a sore thumb down on the beach. You may already be familiar with this place if you've done the side-quests for those dudes at the Blue Crab, but if not, watch out on the way in for Bursters and Crushers, as there are typically plenty of both.  

Head through the front door and take out the alarm in the bathroom, then destroy the maglock through the office window (you won't have to do this if you've already been in here, obvs.) Proceed into the newly opened hallway and check out the locked cell door with a worrying amount of blood leading to it. That's probably fine. Check out the office itself to find another clue, this time pointing towards Venice Hot Dogs, where Police Chief Maloy ended up going to respond to an incident during the outbreak, no prizes for guessing the outcome. 

From the police station, head straight towards the row of stores on the beachfront nearby. You should see Venice Hot Dogs’ distinct, bright-red sign on the corner. Head inside and confront the zombified corpse of Police Chief Maloy shambling around the back of the store.

Fighting Police Chief Maloy (Et Al)

Dead Island 2 screenshot depicting a zombified police officer standing in the back of a destroyed post-apocalyptic restaurant.
Well, Police Chief Maloy has seen some better days. Best to put him out of his misery. 

Police Chief Maloy is a bit of a pushover, but due to your location, there's a strong chance he won't be alone. You can take him out pretty quickly by throwing a Molotov and just letting it work its magic, assuming you have that curveball available. Either way, once he's down, you can grab his key and run back to the cell to see what happened with Laura and Emily. 

When you open the door, you will be confronted by two more zombies. Looks like Emily and Laura didn't get out okay in the end. Take them down and then pick up the phone in the cell to reveal that Laura probably got what was coming to her. Another Lost & Found mission for the record books. 

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