Dead Island 2 Missing: Davis Lost & Found Guide

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Dead Island 2 screenshot showing missing person posters on a message board including a titled one called Missing: Davis.

With another set of story missions down, you can find some more Lost & Found quests in Dead Island 2's Serling Hotel. These missions task you with hunting down missing persons but without giving you the hand-holding waypoints that most missions feature in the game. If you've got a bit stuck on Missing: Davis, then this guide will show you how to clear the mission with ease. 

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Dead Island 2 - Missing: Davis Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot decpiting a corpse lying face-down next to the steps leading into a bus. A phone is surrounded by a glowing aura sits on the stairs of the bus.
On the one hand, it seems like Davis might have been lucky to not get stuck on these evac buses.

After you first visit the pier and complete your mission there, you can find more missing person posters waiting for you at the Serling Hotel. Pick up the missing poster labeled Missing: Davis next to the doctor's office to begin the mission. 

Missing: Davis Quick Guide

  1. Grab the missing poster in the Serling Hotel to start the mission
  2. Fast Travel to the Blue Crab in Venice Beach. 
  3. Head up the road towards the blockade of buses and crawl inside.
  4. Find the body with a phone nearby. 
  5. Fast Travel to The Pier
  6. Head into the buses trapped behind chain link fences. 
  7. Destroy Davis and grab your free weapon.

Missing: Davis Full Guide

Dead Island 2 screenshot showing a corpse propped up against a bus in a large compound filled with other buses.
Foreshadowing much? 

Firstly, fast travel to the Blue Crab on Venice Beach. The clue states that he was last seen supposedly on an evacuation bus heading for Venice Beach itself. If you remember, when you entered Venice Beach for the first time, yo had to crawl through a big pile-up of buses. Once you're in the Blue Crab, head directly out onto the main street and back towards the zone exit you started from. Crawl into the massive pileup of buses, and you should come across a corpse with a phone nearby, leading onto the steps of one of the buses. 

Looks like Davis wasn't on this particular evacuation route and might be closer to The Pier instead. Fast Travel to The Pier, then head for the Hot Dog stand at the top of the map. You should see a chain link fence surrounding a bunch of buses, an obvious place to start. Crawl through a gap in the chainlink fences and explore the compound until a familiar name comes crawling out of a storm drain. Davis is here, and he is swole AF. 

Fighting Davis

Davis' powder might not have stopped the zombie plague like he hoped it would, but it does appear to have given him mad gains. He's a pretty standard Crusher, but considering the tight quarters, it's not the easiest environment for this sort of fight. Try and incapacitated him with an elemental attack and then beat the crap out of him, or just layer three elemental effects on top of each other. Either work. 

With Davis firmly put down, we can finally pick up his phone to figure out exactly what happened to this dude. Don't forget to grab the weapon that he leaves behind as well. 

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