Dead Island 2 Missing: Greg Lost and Found Guide

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The Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue is home to many requests to find missing people. One of these is Missing: Greg, taking you into a dingy parking garage to save an eccentric collector. In our Dead Island 2 Missing: Greg Lost and Found Guide, we’ll go over how to find this person and the rewards for doing so.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Greg Lost and Found Guide

How to start Missing: Greg in Dead Island 2

Missing: Greg can be started from the Serling Hotel missing person request board, though you will need to complete some of the previous quests (like Missing: Jamal and Missing: Davis) before this one shows up. From there, you must head to the opposite side of Ocean Avenue to the parking garage. You can access the underground parking via the elevator button, letting you drop down into the lower areas.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Greg Walkthrough

Character looking at a ledge inside a parking garage in Dead Island 2.

This entire area is filled with blobs of goo that explode when you get near, so shoot or throw objects at them when necessary. After heading further in, Greg will speak to you behind the gate. To get to him, you must first restore power to the lever next to the gate. Head right past the flaming gas and up the ledge. Grab the breaker off the back of the truck, and head through the door once it’s knocked open by a zombie. You can place the breaker in the slot at the final room to power up the lever and open the gate.

Heading further in, you must deal with a lot of zombies in the next area of the parking garage. Once they’re cleared out, follow Greg around the corner to find him being attacked by a zombie. Kill it, then examine Greg’s remains to complete the quest, giving you 2000 XP and a Superior Metal Bat.

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