Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Lost and Found Guide

Last Update: April 21, 2023


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You receive many requests to find missing people across Hell-A, though it’s not often that someone reports themself as missing. In our Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Lost and Found Guide, we’ll go over how to complete this odd request and the rewards for doing so.

Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Lost and Found Guide

How to start Missing: Nadia in Dead Island 2

Missing: Nadia will be available from the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue once you’ve completed every previous request, other than Missing: Steve.


Dead Island 2 Missing: Nadia Walkthrough

Once accepted, fast travel to the Metro and read the note by the locked door once in the marked area. This note will mention that the code has been spread throughout the metro, meaning you’re on the hunt for some hidden numbers. Each part of the four digit code is hidden across different parts of the metro, drawn with blue spray paint. The numbers can be found at:

Map of the Dead Island 2 Metro area, showing the location of the passcode needed to unlock the Missing: Nadia sidequest door.

  1. Near the safe room.
  2. On the roof inside one of the trains.
  3. At the end of the side tunnel.
  4. To the west, on a pillar.

The order you find these in doesn’t matter since you don’t actually have to remember the code. Once all 4 numbers have been found and inspected, head back to the locked door to find the fully infected Nadia. She’s not so tough, though her scream will knock you away from the door and summon some zombies. Once, she’s dealt with, pick up the notes inside and open the “Nadia’s Thank You” cache to complete the quest and gain 2,500 XP.


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