Dead Island 2 My Mailman Was a Zombie Lost & Found Guide

Last Update: April 20, 2023


Dead Island 2 Screenshot Showing an abandoned mail truck in an LA street at night.

Dead Island 2 has several Lost & Found missions that task you with finding clues and discovering locations without being guided by waypoints. These quests can be pretty tough to figure out if you don't have a good sense of direction, relying on you knowing and thoroughly exploring each area. If you've discovered My Mailman was a Zombie! while exploring Hell-A, then you can use this guide to help you reach the end without too much fuss. 

Before we get into the guide, though, if you want to hear our opinions on the game, then you should check out our review.


Dead Island 2 - My Mailman was a Zombie Lost & Found Guide

Dead Island 2 Screenshot showing parcels on a trolley sitting in the front of an LA mansion in bright sunlight.
This is the first set of parcels that you're looking for. 

You can pick this mission up by thoroughly exploring Bel-Air once you first unlock the Fast Travel Map. Near the back of Curtis Sinclair's house, on Alpine Drive, you'll find an abandoned mail van. If you're approaching at the right time, you'll also find a clipboard lying on the ground which gives you your first clue and starts the quest chain. The mailman has hidden a key for the nearby lockbox "somewhere safe," and it's your job to track it down. 

My Mailman Was a Zombie Quick Guide

  1. Pick up the first clue by the abandoned mail truck on Alpine Drive
  2. Examine parcels in front of The Goat Pen. 
  3. Examine parcels in the Cul-De-Sec on Glitterati Corner
  4. Confront Wayne, the Mailman in the garage of the house to the west of Emma Jaunt's Mansion
  5.  Take the key and return to the mail truck to unlock the lockbox.

My Mailman Was a Zombie Full Guide

Dead Island 2 Screenshot showing a dolly filled with parcels sitting outside the green wooden gate of an LA home in Bel-Air.
Your second set of parcels, another important step in making sure "Wayne" shows up properly. 

The first clue is simply a list of addresses and knowledge of what is in the chest. You're supposed to get the idea to go and visit some of these locations to see if there's any sign of our mailman with the missing key. Time to get started on the list of addresses, starting with the closest one: The Goat Pen. The entrance is right beside where you picked up the first clue, so head inside and towards the front door. You should see a pile of parcels sitting by the door which you can examine. Clearly, the mailman finished his delivery here. 

Next, we need to head for Glitterati Corner. To get there, head back into Curtis' garden, and use the little door near his pool house. Turn left straight away for another pile of parcels to interact with. Another dead end. The only address left is the first house we ever explored in the game. Head north from the Cul-de-Sac, and you should end up in that familiar house again. Work your way through to the front of the house and back to the garage you had to loot earlier. You'll come face-to-face with Wayne the Mailman, a Slobber. 


Fighting Wayne the Mailman

Dead Island 2 Screenshot showing a group of zombies near the open garage of a Bel-Air Mansion Home.
You have to admire Wayne's commitment to their job at this point to be honest. 

This guy is a Slobber, so try to take him out from a distance. It's a good idea to have your Chem Bomb and Electrified Throwing Star equipped to both clear his toxic pools, but also to electrocute the heck out of him. You can reliably take off a decent chunk of his health by relying on elemental combos. He's also backed up by a bunch of other zombies too, including swarmers. Make sure you have some form of crowd control to keep them back, or you could end up overwhelmed. Once he goes down, pick up the lockbox key. 

With your key in hand, head back to the lockbox on Alpine Drive to receive an awesome unique assault rifle called Raven. It's got a Precision Shots mod that gives you a damage boost if you make several shots in quick succession and can be reliably upgraded further with elemental mods or mutilation effects, depending on your preference or needs. 

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