Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is an action-adventure first-person shooter that takes place in a sublime utopian world. Humans have discovered a way to live amongst robots and AI in perfect harmony; what could go wrong? 

The use of this technology to create more robots has suddenly gone awry, and with that comes mutants, extremely powerful and terrifying super-robots, and machines going completely bonkers and attempting to destroy the world. Every robot that was once believed to be peaceful and submissive to its creators has become aggressive and in turn, has decided to revolt against those who made them. It is up to you, the player, to determine what caused this mess in the first place, and clean it up to the best of your ability. 

Armed with a highly experimental power glove, players will need to utilize unique and challenging combat abilities to destroy the rebellious robots that are wreaking havoc. Not only do players have a high-tech glove at their disposal, but they also have a massive amount of cutting-edge weaponry and blades to thwart anyone or anything that might stand in their way. Players will need to be swift and calculated during these intense and explosive fights in order to gain the upper hand. More so, players will need to use the elements, environment, and scarce resources to their advantage in order to destroy the power of evil, and restore peace to the world. 

With several weapons, high-tech gadgets, and an environment that bends to your will, it seems as though nothing could go wrong. Sadly, it will be up to you and you alone to harness those powers and ensure that the world is not completely obliterated by these creatures and machines running rampant through the streets. Will you survive? Or will the Robots overtake you and those closest to you?

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February 20, 2023 (Calendar)
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