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Our Atomic Heart Art is Sacrifice Quest Guide will tell you how to solve the Ballerina Puzzle and what positions you need for each ballerina.

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What is the Atomic Heart Art is Sacrifice Quest?

The Atomic Heart Art is Sacrifice Quest is a puzzle that requires you to arrange robotic ballerinas into specific positions so that you can unlock a locked door. Each ballerina has four possible positions, meaning that there are essentially 24 possible combinations for the lock.

Completing this puzzle will open the door to yet another confrontation with Petrov and the conclusion of the Theater level. It's not too difficult to figure out, but it can take some time before you get to the solution. Don't worry, though -- we've got the answers!

How to Solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart

To solve the Ballerina Puzzle in Atomic Heart, you must put each of the ballerinas in one of four ballet positions. Here's what you need to do.

We'll call the Ballerina closest to the entrance of the hall Ballerina #1. The next is Ballerina #2, then Ballerina #3, and finally Ballerina #4 at the end of the hall. Here are the choices you need to make:

Ballerina #1

  1. Attitude
  2. Croisee in the fifth position, arms in the third position (Select this one)
  3. Passe
  4. First arabesque

Ballerina #2

  1. First arabesque
  2. Releve on the toes, croisee in the fourth position. Big arms in an allonge.
  3. Attitude.
  4. Releve in the fifth position. Efface. Arms upright and loose in an allonge. (Select this one)

Ballerina #3

  1. Croisee in the fourth position.
  2. Releve on the toes
  3. Attitude (Select this one)
  4. Battement tendu, arms free

Ballerina #4

  1. A la seconde, arms free (Select this one)
  2. Ecarte with the right leg
  3. First arabesque
  4. Passe
Atomic Heart Art is Sacrifice Quest Guide - Ballerina Puzzle Solution
The correct positions of each ballerina in the "Art is Sacrifice" quest.

In summary, the correct positions are:

2 4 3 1

The shadow of the ballerinas will look like they are attacking the shadows of the dead people on the walls behind them. You'll hear a special musical cue when you select the correct position. Petrov will also ramble after you input each correct selection.

The door will open once you've set all four ballerinas to the correct positions. Do not go into the door right away, though -- you're going to have a boss fight up ahead. Go back to the nearest Breakroom and load up on healing supplies, Weapons, and Ammo. You're going to be fighting a giant Natasha robot. I strongly recommend that you bring a Fat Boy rocket launcher with at least 12 Fat Boy Rockets since this boss is particularly vulnerable to explosive damage.

When you're ready to go, step through the door and you'll experience a cutscene with Petrov followed by a boss battle against a Natasha. After you're done with the fight, don't forget to pick up the Chirper "Prison Psychologist's Notes - Petrov, #1 of ??" on a front-row seat in the theater.

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