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Our Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide will tell you where to find the Engineer with the door code and how to complete this Quest!

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What is the Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest?

The Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest takes place in the Theater, a ballet where your chase for Petrov continues. The Theater is largely filled with biological enemies and you'll have some seriously tough fights ahead.

As you work your way through the Theater, you'll eventually get stuck behind a door protected by a combination lock. You'll have to find the Engineer in order to get it, but he's nowhere nearby. Read on for tips on where to find him!

How to Find the Engineer with the Password in Atomic Heart

You can find the Engineer with the password in Atomic Heart by backtracking out of the stage and bar area -- you have to walk back the way you came.

First, go back to the bar and face the hall where you entered the bar and stage:

Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide - Hallway by Bar

Walk down this hall and you'll find a staircase leading upstairs.

Walk up the stairs and you'll see a door directly in front of you on the other side of the room.

Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide - Coat Room Entrance

This is the Coat Check. Head into this area and you'll find plenty of items to loot. You'll also find the Chirper "Mutiny, or 'The World vs. Stefan Lastochkin'" inside, so don't forget to pick it up.

The Coat Check also has the Engineer's body -- and more importantly, the door code.

Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide - Engineer Body

Speak with the Engineer to hear some silly dialogue. More importantly, pay special attention to the piece of paper on the ground next to him. This is the door code.

Head back downstairs to the bar and stage, then walk up to the locked door and enter the code.

Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide - Door Code Entry

This door will lead to a control room where you can start a performance that will eventually let you progress further into the Theater. Do not start the performance just yet, though.

First, loot the room for Crafting materials. You can also find the Chirper "The Theater Needs a Change" in the Coat Check.

Secondly (and more importantly), walk back to the stairs and into the Breakroom. You're going to have to fight a few dozen mutants, so make sure that you have plenty of healing items and ammo. Save your game.

When you're ready for a fight, head back to the locked door you opened and activate the console to start the show. Mutants will start flooding out of the back rooms; you can either fight from the second floor or run around on the first floor. Keep in mind that there is Polymer all over the ground on the first floor -- you can use powers such as Shok to do additional damage to Mutants who are walking over it.

Once the fight is over, you can pick up the Chirper "Becoming Lastochkin, or 'The Making of a Psychopath'" on the pedestal with the ballerina on the stage. Loot the dead Mutants, then proceed further on into the Theater.

We're all done with the Atomic Heart Not a Password at All Quest Guide. If you've found it helpful, why not have a look at our other guides below?

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