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Our Atomic Heart Chirper Locations Guide will tell you how Chirpers work along with the locations for all of the Chirpers we've found so far!

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How Atomic Heart Chirpers Work

Atomic Heart Chirpers are collectible audio logs that can be found throughout the game. Each Chirper will reveal a little more about the world, whether it's by giving you some specific facts or telling a short story about a point in time prior to the disaster.

Chirpers look like golden pocket watches. They're hard to miss, but that's assuming that you see them -- some Chirpers can be found in pretty tricky locations.

Atomic Heart Chirper Locations Guide - Chirper Locations List

Atomic Heart Chirper Locations List

Here are all of the Atomic Heart Chirpers we've found so far.

Area Chirper Name Location
The Beginning of the End She Almost Got Away In the vents on your way into the Vavilov Complex
Vavilov, First Steps A Tough Old Bird On the desk in the office where a Lab Tech Robot bursts through the window.
Vavilof, Break Room How About a Nice Cup of Tea? On the desk in the office where you perform your first stealth kill on a Lab Tech Robot.
Vavilov, Magnetic Door There Are No Atheists on the Battlefield On a table in the hallway outside of the locked Magnetic Door in the Vavilov Complex
Vavilov, Where It All Love and Robots In the left-hand stall of the bathroom opposite the Magnetic Door in the Vavilov Complex.
Vavilof, Offices Snooty Vovas On a crate outside of the Breakroom where you meet Nora.
Vavilov, Archival Room Monday Starts on Sunday On a desk inside a room with a Broken Wall after you disable the first Dandelion security camera.
Vavilov, Distribution Center Prison Psychologist's Notes - Petrov On the table next to the first Candle you find.
Vavilov, PK-4 Birchtree From the Employee Handbook Next to the PK-4 Birchtree in the Vavilov Distribution Center.
Vavilov, East Wing H Venus Mantrap In the Algology Workshop with 2 Mutants in it, on a table next to some beakers
Vavilov, Algo Lab It's-a Me, Vova! In the Algae Lab, on a crate opposite the canister dispenser.
Vavilov, West Wing H A Solution to the Problem of Smoking On a crate in the Hallway from the PK-4 Birchtree to the Algae Workshop and Hot Workshop.
Vavilov, Boiler Room Temporary Difficulties, #2 of 2 In the Boiler Room's Assembly Workshop where you insert the Fahrenheits.
Vavilov, Hot Lab, Ha Temporary Difficulties, #1 of 2 Once you finish the Boiler Room puzzle, head up the stairs. Turn right, and then turn left and you'll find the Chirper on a cardboard box in a darkened corner, opposite a hologram that is talking about robots.
Vavilov, Cold Lab #1 Medicina Non Cacus Taurus Est In the Cold Lab laboratory with the chicken eating the scientist.
Vavilov, Pesticide Lab Security Recording #2 of 4: "What Are You Eating This Time?" Near a dead body on an upper deck next to Gate #4 in the room with the pesticide train puzzle.
Forester Village, A Feast of Death In the garage of the yellow building to the left of the Vavilov Complex's emergency exit, next to a dead soldier and an MP pistol.
Forester Village, C The True Beauty of Science Outside of the grocery store in Forester Village, a red log cabin building with a "3" sign on it.
Forester Village, G Long-Distance Communication On a mattress at the top of the spiral tower with the Volan in it in Forester Village.
VDNH, Entrance A Totally Awesome Robot Vacuum On the sofa in the Museum: Atrium Breakroom after you hook up the Tereshkova to the administrator control.
VDNH, Lower Level Out with the Old On a sofa at the bottom of the stairs while you're on your way to recover the Tereshkova Claire's body parts.
The VDNH, Pavlov Fl A Brilliant Idea for an Exhibit! (Not Really) Located on a table on the other side of the locked door in the Pavlov Floor, the section where you're searching for Claire's left arm.
Open World #5 Comrade Stockhausen's Yellow Journalism After you've fired up the VDNH's neural relay and exit to the surface, turn to your left and you'll find a log cabin. You'll find this Chirper in that cabin.
Theater, Back Passage A Stream of Pure Energy On a table in the entrance to the Theater.
Theater, #2 An Echo of the Past After you walk through the dressing room with a burning hole in the floor. turn right towards the Breakroom. Then, turn left and you'll find this Chirper on an overturned vending machine, opposite the door leading to the Plyusch boss fight.
Theater, Supply Room Comrade Stockhausen's Schemes, or "I'll Scratch Your Back..." In the Theater Supply Room, to the right of the laser puzzle and sitting on a console with a yellow hardhat on it.
Theater #1 Did He Even Know What Madness is? After you defeat the Plyusch and repair the elevator, take the elevator up to the 4th floor. Go along the balcony and jump over the broken parts. Continue until you find a dressing room with a robot ballerina in it. There will be a vent on the upper part of the wall in this room; go through it and it will lead you to a back room with this Chirper on a desk.
Theater #7 A Simple Electrician's Unrequited Love During the "Not a Password at All" quest, go up to the stairs to the second floor. You'll find this Chirper on a table to the left of the stage, next to a red, flower-shaped lamp on the wall.
Theater, Coat Check Mutiny, or "The World vs. Stefan Lastochkin" On the counter in the Theater Coat Check Room, opposite the locked door that leads to the Electrician's body.
Theater, #5 The Theater Needs a Change In the control room where you start the ballerina's performance, you can find a Chirper on a console behind the computer that turns on the ballerina.
Theater #4 Becoming Lastochkin, or "The Making of a Psychopath" In the Theater, on the ballerina's pedestal after the performance is finished.
Theater, Restroom What the Hell?! After you open the door with the Ballerina's Ball, take a left into the Theater Restroom. Proceed deeper into the Restroom until you find a Tereshkova robot trapped in some rubble with her arm extended. You'll find the Chirper in her hand.
Theater, Large Stage Prison Psychologist's Notes - Petrov, #1 of ?? After defeating Natasha in the Theater, you'll find this Chirper on one of the red chairs in the front row.
Infirmary - Wards The Fraught Path of Science On a medical bed in the center of a large room on the Infirmary's first floor.
Infirmary - Adminstr We're Not Butchers On the check-in desk on the first floor of the Infirmary.
Infirmary - Entrance The Innocent Always Suffer More Than the Guilty On a bed on the second floor of the Infirmary.
Pavlov - Wards Bykov's Diary - Youthful Vigor On a desk on the same floor you enter the Pavlov Complex.
Pavlov - Hallways The Tragedy of the Neyelovs In Ward #1, one floor below where you enter the Pavlov Complex.
Pavlov - Restroom If it isn't Kollectiv, What is it? In the basement restroom in the Pavlov Complex.
Pavlov - Operating Room Science on the Edge of Morality On a bed right by the elevator in the Pavlov Operating Room.
Pavlov - Morgue Kykov's Diary - The Dog with the Positive Password In the Pavlov Morgue, at the bottom of the elevator from the Pavlov Operating Room.
Pavlov - Cafeteria Culinary Delights On a side table in the Pavlov Cafeteria, right after you exit the morgue.
Pavlov - Foyer Five More Carcasses On the upper deck of the Pavlor Foyer, right after you leave the Cafeteria.
Pavlov - Exhibits The Snake's Waltz In the room with the Polymer exhibits after the Pavlov Foyer, in Bay #3 next to a dead soldier sitting on the ground.
Sakhalin, at the Lig The Lighthouse Keeper's Diary On the desk in the Lighthouse Keeper's home.

We're all done with our Atomic Heart Chirper Locations Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!

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