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This guide will tell you how to open the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6, how to solve the puzzles, and what loot you can find inside.

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Where is the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6?

The Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 can be found southeast of the boat dock, near the area where you leave the crashed train. It's located in a tunnel on the waterfront.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - Location

How to Open Scientific Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart

You can open Scientific Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart by making your way to this tower on the far side of the lake, opposite the boat dock:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - How to Open

Take the elevator up the tower and activate the Volan inside. Then, interact with one of the cameras near the tunnel with the blue door to open it.

Swim into the tunnel and work your way through it until you see a small platform with an elevator. There are two small crates nearby with loot. Grab the loot, then go down the elevator and you'll enter Scientific Testing Ground 6.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Bronze Challenge

Once you reach the bottom of the elevator, you'll hear music to your right. This is the first challenge of Scientific Testing Ground 6, but we're not going to go there just yet.

There's a Breakroom to your left; save your game there if you want to. Then, head down the hallway to the left. You'll find two rooms, each of which has a chest and some drawers that you can loot for Crafting materials. Then, exit this hallway and head towards the caged door and into the first challenge room.

The puzzles in Scientific Testing Ground 6 involve rotating platforms. Proceed straight ahead and you'll see a red crank wheel. Turn it once until the 3 dots are on top. Climb up the bookcase and jump onto the upper platform and you'll see a door on the floor with a lock on it. Open the lock.

After you've opened the lock, go back down to the red crank wheel. Rotate it three more times until the 4 dots are on top. Climb back onto the platforms and go through the door you just opened, then climb up and go through the hole in the wall.

The hole in the wall will take you to another office with a bunch of cabinets you can loot. Once you're done, there's another hole in the wall in the corner you can proceed through. This room have six yellow pumps in the center. To your left is another Breakroom where you can save your game. Go straight ahead to the door with the yellow light above it and you'll find the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin; this will give you the MP - Extended Magazine Upgrade.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Silver Challenge

It's probably a good idea to save your game before you proceed further -- the next challenge will be a fight. Once you've saved, head up the stairs and over the catwalk. Just ahead is a room with a turbine in it. You'll have to fight a few enemies in here, so make sure your guns are reloaded and you have full health.

First, you'll have to kill several yellow WSP-9 "Pchelas," the flying yellow robots with lasers on their tail. Then, you'll have to shoot several LUC-1 "Owl" robots.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - Silver Challenge 01

Once you've killed both waves, the turbine will come to a stop. Loot the robots you killed, then drop down into the tunnel below the turbine.

A short distance into the tunnel, you'll come to a fork that goes left and right. Go right and you'll find a chest a short distance away. Then, turn around and proceed down the left-hand path. You'll soon reach some yellow bars; jump up and climb up them. When you exit the tunnel, you'll see a room with the Silver Comrade Lootyakin which has the Kalash - Collimator Upgrade inside.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Gold Challenge

Proceed deeper into the facility and you'll come across the final challenge in Scientific Testing Ground 6 -- a multidimensional rotation puzzle. You'll see a red crank in front of you set to 4 dots.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - Gold Challenge 01

Leave the red crank alone for the moment and climb up the yellow boxes with the paint on them. Then, look to your left and jump up on the ledge.

This ledge has a drop-down into a side room, where you'll see a second red crank.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - Gold Challenge 02

Leave the second red crank alone, too. There is a chest in the room you dropped down into, so loot it. Next, open the combination lock on the door and you'll easily be able to go between the two red cranks.

You won't need to actually move anything, though -- you can climb up the same crates with the yellow paint and jump onto the spiked wall on the right.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Guide - Gold Challenge 03

My gut tells me this might be a bug, but it works for now. Don't go straight ahead just yet -- drop down to the red crank on the lower right. On this lower level, you'll find a staircase to the right with another loot chest around the corner.

Once you've grabbed the other loot chest, work your way down to the very bottom of the room. You can then take stairs that will lead you back up to the surface. From there, you can climb back up onto the yellow boxes, grab onto the spiked wall to the right, and jump to the upper ledge which will take you out of the room. Walk straight ahead and you'll find the exit elevator in front of you, another Breakroom to the right, and a Gold Comrade Lootyakin to your left with the Electro - Resisting Handle and Snowball - Auger Upgrades.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 6 Loot

  • MP - Extended Magazine Upgrade (Bronze Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Kalash - Collimator Upgrade (Silver Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Electro - Resisting Robots Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Snowball - Auger Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Various Crafting Materials

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