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In this guide, we'll tell you how to find Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2, how to open it, and how to solve the puzzles inside!

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Where is the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2?

You can find the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 can be found toward the north side of the map in a blue bunker, near the massive "Plant" silo.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Guide - Location

How to Open Scientific Testing Ground 2 in Atomic Heart

You can open Scientific Testing Ground 2 in Atomic Heart by making your way to this tall platform:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Guide - How to Open

You'll find a Volan on top. Interact with it to take control of the cameras and you'll be able to open the blue bunker.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Bronze Challenge

The excursion into Scientific Testing Ground 2 starts a little unusually -- you'll actually have a bit of combat right in the beginning. Fortunately, it's only two basic Lab Tech robots. Defeat them and then move deeper into the facility.

Your first challenge involves a simple rotation puzzle. Start by using Shok on the nearby magnets to open up a path. Then, turn the red crank to 3 dots. This will rotate objects on the platform in the back right of the room (but not the platform itself).

Next, you'll want to wait until the left platform rotates into this position:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Guide - Bronze Challenge 01

You should be able to make it through by using your dodges. If you can't quite make it, go back to the Breakroom and pick up the "Morning Exercise" and "Second Wind" Skills.

Once you're on the other side, you'll find another red crank. Rotate it until this room is on top:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Guide - Bronze Challenge 02

The first red crank you rotated has caused the filing cabinet to move, allowing you access to the next area. You may want to drop down to the ground first, though -- if you use your Scan ability, you'll see that there is a chest down below that you can loot.

Either way, you'll see the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin room just on the other side of the filing cabinet. Inside, you'll find the MP - Electromagnetic Polarizer Upgrade. Save your game in the nearby Breakroom.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Silver Challenge

Scientific Testing Ground 2 continues to break the standard pattern with a distinct lack of combat. Instead, you'll have another puzzle to solve.

Press the button to disable the laser field just outside of the Breakroom. There are three different paths up ahead. The room to the left and the downward stairs in front of you both have some loot for you to grab. Once you've cleared out those rooms, go to the right and up the stairs.

This room is a mixture of a magnet puzzle and a climbing puzzle. Your first goal will be to work your way over to the button on the left side of the room. Press the button and it will cause a set of spiral stairs to raise up out of the ground. Do not go down the stairs -- there is a laser wall there that will instantly kill you if you touch it.

Climb up the stairs and continue working your way toward the back left side of the room -- there's a tunnel on the upper part of the wall that will take you to the next section. Upon exiting the tunnel, you'll enter another hallway with a Breakroom and the loot room. The Silver Comrade Lootyakin has the KS-23 - Expansive Converter Upgrade.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Gold Challenge

We're almost done with Scientific Testing Ground 2! Fortunately, your final challenge is pretty easy to complete. This is yet another magnetic platform puzzle. It's not too hard to work out, so make your way through the room until you get near the caged door at the end. You then have to jump on top of the cage and fall through the hole in the top to make it to the exit.

As usual, you'll find a Breakroom and the exit elevator in the next room. To your right will be the Gold Comrade Lootyakin with the Kalash - Thermal Scope and Snowball - Blade Upgrades.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 2 Loot

  • MP - Electromagnetic Polarizer Upgrade (Bronze Comrade Lootyakin)
  • KS-23 - Expansive Converter Upgrade (Silver Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Kalash - Thermal Scope Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Snowball - Blade Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Various Loot

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