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In this Atomic Heart Skills Guide, we'll tell you how Skills work, the upgrade cost for Skills, and how to pick the right Skills for your playstyle.

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How Atomic Heart Skills Work

Atomic Heart Skills can either unlock new abilities for P-3 or enhance existing abilities. You can only purchase Skills at the Nora station where you can also Craft Weapons, Ammo, and  more. Skills require Neuropolymer, a resource that drops off of most enemies in the game.

You can only have two active Skills equipped at any one time, so it's best to focus on two activated Skills. Shok gets a dedicated button, so you will always have that ability available. It's a good idea to work your way towards the Shok Cooldown bonus as soon as you can -- you'll need Shok for many puzzles and it will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent sitting around waiting for Shok to recharge.

Much like Crafting, you're also able to refund your Skills and get back 100% of the resources you invested into them. Atomic Heart encourages experimentation and you should take advantage of that fact. Big boss fight coming up? Respec your skills to get some extra health. Got to fight a bunch of enemies soon? Power up one of your offensive Skills to hit them hard. Play around with the Skills until you find two that you like!

How to Get Neuropolymer in Atomic Heart

There are two ways to get Neuropolymer in Atomic Heart:

  1. Kill certain enemies.
  2. Loot it from chests.

Aside from Neuropolymer, all enemies drop Crafting materials. Don't recklessly charge into every fight, but you shouldn't let enemies get away, either -- every defeated enemy makes you just a little bit stronger thanks to the Crafting materials and Neuropolymer they drop!

What is the Best Skill in Atomic Heart?

The best Skill in Atomic Heart depends on your situation. If you prefer to use guns instead of special abilities, you should invest in Character and Energy Management to make the most of the passive upgrades. If you prefer to go on the offensive instead, you should try out each of the offensive Skills a bit and see what works best for you. Remember, you can always refund Skills and get back all of your Neuropolymer if you don't like them!

Atomic Heart Skills Guide - Skills List

Atomic Heart Skills List

Here is a list of all of the Atomic Heart Skills, their Neuropolymer cost, any necessary prerequisite Skills, and what effect each Skill provides.


Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Shok 0 Story Unlock Your glove can produce an electromagnetic discharge that targets enemies and deals electric damage. Robotic targets are especially vulnerable to electricity.
Electrization 32 Shok Shok electrifies enemies.
Power Amplifier 40 Electrization Shok deals more damage and pushes back enemies.
Resister Malfunction 61 Power Amplifier Electrified targets receive increased damage.
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator 75 Resister Malfunction Reduces Shok cooldown.
Powerful Electrization 87 Neuro-Polymer Accelerator Repeated attacks apply an additional Electrified effect and break low-HP Polymerized enemies into pieces.
Amplified Modulator 26 Shok An upgrade to the electromagnetic unit that increases its effective range.
Chain Lightning 69 Amplified Modulator Part of the discharge bounces and deals damage to an additional target.
Extended Topology 75 Chain Lightning Chain Lightning can hit one additional target.
Full Contact 95 Extended Topology Secondary targets hit by Chain Lightning receive full damage.


Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Nora's Kiss 0 Story Unlock For a limited time, you can survive lethal damage with 1 HP. This skill has a cooldown.
Extra Capacity Cluster Munitions 27 Nora's Kiss Cluster munitions get increased capacity.
Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack 75 Extra Capacity Cluster Munitions Increases your backpack's capacity through compression rate upgrades.
Neuro-Compression Tactical Backpack 75 Extra Capacity Cluster Munitions Increases your backpack's capacity through compression rate upgrades.
Wild Boar 37 Nora's Kiss Increases your maximum health.
Morning Exercise 80 Wild Boar Every major worth their salt must be able to run a marathon. Increases your running speed.
Photon Silk 27 Wild Boar Increases your suit's laser resistance.
Avatar 45 Photon Silk Resistance to elemental damage
Bulwark 78 Avatar Increases resistance to physical damage
Med Unit Upgrade 57 Photon Silk Your suit's built-in Med Unit restores more Health.
Musclehead 110 Med Unit Upgrade Increases your maximum Health.
Juggler 87 Musclehead You can use a Neuromed capsule with one hand.
Athlete 165 Juggler Increases your maximum Health.
Second Wind 38 Wild Boar Your excellent physical ability grants you an extra dodge charge.
Sleazeball 62 Second Wind Shields you from all damage while dodging/
Cell Division 242 Sleazeball Using medical supplies allows you to fully regenerate Health in a matter of seconds.
Parkour 43 Second Wind You are trained to tuck and roll when falling to avoid damage. To do so, try jumping right before you land
Full House 67 Parkour Allows you to swap weapons 100% more quickly.
Born Marksman 119 Full House Your excellent marksmanship skills increase accuracy of your unaimed shooting.


Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Cryo Jet 12 Story Unlock Your glove can hit targets and surfaces with a jet of cryopolymer. Affected enemies are frozen and cannot move. Organic enemies are especially vulnerable to low temperatures.
High Pressure 11 Cryo Jet Upgrades the Cryo Jet's pressure chamber, increasing its maximum range.
Drastic Measure 35 High Pressure When the glove's reserves are depleted, it produces cryopolymer from your bloodstream instead, enabling you to use the Cryo Jet at the cost of your Health.
Forced Defrost 34 High Pressure Frozen targets receive additional damage when the freeze effect ends.
Careful Disassembly 66 Forced Defrost Receive increased loot when you defeat a frozen enemy.
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator 70 Careful Disassembly Reduces the cooldown of the polymer jet.
Increased Polymer Generation 101 Neuro-Polymer Accelerator Increased glove output allows the Cryo Jet to fire for longer.
Fire Extinguisher 22 High Pressure The Cryo Jet's spray neutralizes incoming fire damage.
Intensive Spraying 48 Fire Extinguisher Speeds up the cryopolymer discharge to freeze enemies more quickly.
Diffuse Spray Head 48 Intensive Spraying Allows you to spray cryopolymer in a cone-shaped area.
Cryo Sleep 88 Diffuse Spray Head Improves the durability of the cryopolymer, increasing the freeze duration.
Absolute Zero 104 Cryo Sleep Cryogenic freezing at extreme temperatures deals damage to frozen targets every second.

Mass Telekinesis

Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Mass Telekinesis 66 Story Unlock Allows you to grip all enemies in the area of effect, lifting them up into the air for a short period. If the effect is interrupted or ends, the targets will fall to the ground.
Forced Fall Acceleration 70 Mass Telekinesis The neurokinetic unit can now accelerate dropped enemies, causing them to take damage when they fall.
Amplified Modulator 79 Mass Telekinesis An upgrade to the telekinesis unit that increases Mass Telekinesis' area of effect.
Barotrauma 93 Amplified Modulator Increases the per-second damage of Mass Telekinesis.
Drastic Measure 144 Barotrauma When the glove's reserves are depleted, the Telekinesis Unit consumes ATP from your bloodstream, enabling you to use the ability at the cost of your Health.
Increased Impact 210 Drastic Measure Increases the duration for which enemies are held in the air.
Increased Power 144 Amplified Modulator Significantly increases the power of the Mass Telekinesis neurokinetic unit, allowing you to lift heavyweight enemies.
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator 175 Increased Power Reduces the cooldown of Mass Telekinesis.
Energy Vampire 226 Neuro-Polymer Accelerator Drains energy from enemies gripped by Mass Telekinesis to restore the recirculation chamber's power. Requires one Power Cell to activate.

Polymeric Jet

Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Polymeric Jet 20 Story Unlock Your glove can spray targets and surfaces with a jet of combat polymer. Once applied, combat polymer can be set on fire, electrified, or frozen, dealing damage of the corresponding type to affected enemies.
High Pressure 23 Polymeric Jet Upgrades the Polymeric Jet's pressure chamber, increasing its maximum range.
Environmental Resistance 52 High Pressure Successive Neuro-Polymer Unit upgrades improve applied Combat Polymer's durability, increasing the effect's duration.
Neuro-Polymer Air Defense 85 Environmental Resistance Increases the viscosity of the combat polymer so it can slow down rotors to down airborne enemies.
Increased Polymer Generation 89 Neuro-Polymer Air Defense Increased glove output allows Polymeric Jet to fire for longer.
Increased Chemical Reactivity Distance 39 High Pressure Applied to a target, Combat Polymer affects nearby enemies.
Mixture Efficacy 46 Increased Chemical Reactivity Distance Improves the combat polymer to make its chemical reactions, such as electrification and fire, more deadly.
High Viscosity 63 Mixture Efficacy Increases the combat polymer's viscosity, allowing it to slow down targets.
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator 89 High Viscosity Reduces the cooldown of the polymer jet.

Polymeric Shield

Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Polymeric Shield 28 Story Unlock Your glove can surround you with a neuropolymer shield that protects you from melee and ranged damage and redirects part of the neutralized projectiles' energy into the recirculation chamber's power reserves. Does not protect against critical attacks.
Overload and Destabilize 43 Polymeric Shield Deploying Polymeric Shield at full capacity then retracting it causes an explosion that sprays enemies with combat polymer. This skill has a cooldown.
Absorption Coefficient 46 Overload and Destabilize Increases the recirculation chamber's refill rate.
Sponge Effect 82 Overload and Destabilize Melee attacks recharge your energy meter.
Kinetic Reflector 98 Sponge Effect While active, Polymeric Shield doubles incoming melee damage and reflects it back to the enemy.
Neuro-Polymer Accelerator 96 Kinetic Reflector Reduces the cooldown of Polymeric Shield.
Kinetic Reflector Upgrade 145 Neuro-Polymer Accelerator Increases reflected damage and blocks even critical attacks.
Reflective Surface 82 Overload and Destabilize Additional ionization allows Polymeric Shield to reflect laser attacks back to the enemy.
Neuro-Polymer Reflector 98 Reflective Surface Polymeric Shield reflects all ranged attacks back to the enemy.
Increased Polymer Generation 106 Neuro-Polymer Reflector Increased glove output makes Polymeric Shield last longer.
Med Unit Feedback 124 Increased Polymer Generation Polymeric Shield redirects part of incoming damage to the med unit, restoring your Health.

Energy Management

Skill Neuropolymer Prerequisite Effect
Energy Density 0 Story Unlock Adds another Power Cell to the recirculation chamber.
ATP Recycling 82 Energy Density Lost Health is recycled into Energy.
Energy Density 34 ATP Recycling Adds another Power Cell to the recirculation chamber.
Greedy Guts 146 Energy Density Melee attacks restore more energy to the recirculation chamber.
Energy Density 104 Energy Density Adds another Power Cell to the recirculation chamber.
Thrift 184 Energy Density Your ranged attacks consume less of the recirculation chamber's power.
Energy Containment 239 Thrift Increases energy's regeneration rate.

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