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Our Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 guide will tell you how to access Scientific Testing Ground 8 and how to solve the challenges inside.

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Where is the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8?

The Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 can be found inside of the Computational Center. Unfortunately, you can't get access to it until you've explored the VDNH and started the quest "Bugs in the System" which opens up the building. Once you're on that quest, you'll be able to get into Scientific Testing Center 8 by taking an elevator down.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Location

How to Open Scientific Testing Ground 8 in Atomic Heart

You can open Scientific Testing Ground 8 in Atomic Heart by fully exploring the VDNH and advancing the story. You won't be able to get into the building until you've started the quest "Bugs in the System." Once you do, you can take an elevator to the underground area from within the Computational Center as shown in the above image.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Bronze Challenge

Walk out of the elevator and go straight ahead. You'll find an office with some loot in it. Exit the office and walk past the elevator; you'll see a Breakroom on your left where you can stop to rest if need be. Take another left at the end of the hall and you'll find more loot in another room. Then, head toward the music and you'll enter the first puzzle.

First, look up and use Shok on the ceiling magnets to change them to red. You'll see some climbing handholds straight ahead.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Bronze Challenge 01

You can either climb closer using the handholds on the right or you can make a dash jump for the two handholds that are straight ahead in the picture. Either way, make it to the pair of handholds at the center of the above picture.

Next, turn to your left and grab onto the handhold behind you:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Bronze Challenge 02

Move to the right on this final handhold, then turn around and jump onto the blue platform.

Jump from the blue platform onto the immovable wall. Follow the wall to the right and you should be able to dash jump to the platforms next to the exit door. If a wall is in the way, hit the ceiling with Shok again to move them.

Walk straight ahead and turn right towards the Comrade Lootyakin music. You'll see the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin, which has the Zvezdochka - Extra Saw Upgrade.

Turn around from the Bronze Comrade Lootyakin and go to the right. You'll find an office area that has a lot of lootable cabinets and a chest with some Crafting materials in it. You're done with this area -- it's time to move on to the next one.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Silver Challenge

Work your way back to the exit of the first room with magnets. Go down the stairs to the side and you'll enter a large chamber with a white doorway that has a red number 6 on it. To your left is a little alcove with a Breakroom. To your right is another one of those white doors with a hole in it for you to go through. Make sure to save -- you're going to have a fight in this next area. Don't bother exploring the massive rooms near the Breakroom, either -- there's nothing to loot in here.

The next room has a massive water tank. You'll have to fight a few LUC-1 "Owl" robots and a few GMC-69 "Vatrushka" robots, but that's about it. Collect their loot, then make your way up to this landing to grab a chest with some more loot in it:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Silver Challenge 01

There's no other loot in this room, so it's time to get out of here. Look around the upper area of the room for a large, circular opening with a red light above it. Walk over to it and climb up the containers, then go through the tunnel.

As you go through the tunnel, you'll hear the familiar Comrade Lootyakin music in a room on your left. You'll get the Fox - Blade and the Dominator - Vortex Transducer Upgrades for your trouble. Now it's time to move on to the third and final challenge!

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Gold Challenge

Just past the Silver Comrade Lootyakin is your final challenge. It's less of a puzzle and more of an area that you need to explore. First, you'll find a couple of lockers in the first big room and a Breakroom that you can use. Next, step through a hole in the wall and you'll see an absolutely massive room.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Gold Challenge 01

Don't try to drop down to the area below; you'll die even if it looks like it's a fall that you can survive. Your first task will be to head towards the small door with a light above it in the distance.

Jump carefully from platform to platform until you reach the door with a light above it. Go through the door.

The next part of this challenge is the first door on the right; you'll see some plants and some Candles (glowing yellow orbs) moving through tubes. Don't go in here just yet, though, because there's some loot we can grab.

Take the door on the left and you'll find an inactive Silver Comrade Lootyakin with a chest next to it that you can loot. Next, go down the hall and you'll see an elevator shaft. Drop down it and you'll find another chest you can loot.

Once you climb back out of the elevator shaft, turn left and head towards the hole in the wall. Just outside of the hole in the wall is a cabinet that you can loot. Slowly go through the hole and you'll find another chest to your left that you can loot.

Now that you've grabbed everything, return to the room with the plants and clear pipes. You'll see some Candles falling into a hole in the floor. Jump into the hole in the floor and you'll land in some Polymer. Drop out of the Polymer and you'll find yourself in a room with a wavy floor.

A smaller room is on the side of this larger room; it has a button and some containers you can loot. Loot the containers. Then, pick up the Candles with Telekinesis and throw them into the slots above the doorway by holding down the Telekinesis button and letting go.

Push the red button, and get ready to run -- the door will only be open for a few seconds. Run through the door and you'll find yourself in the bottom area of the massive room you were in earlier. As before, don't try to drop down below; you'll fall to your death.

On your left is a Breakroom, a larger room, and some stars going up on the outside of the room. You're going to have to fight two MA-9 "Belyash" robots at the end of Scientific Testing Ground 8, and this Breakroom is your last opportunity to Craft any healing supplies or Weapons you would want for that fight. Save your game.

Next, go inside the larger room on the left and walk up some scaffolding. You'll see a Candle on a white cylinder in the distance.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Gold Challenge 02

Use Telekinesis to grab this Candle. A crane will begin to move in the distance. Carry the Candle with you back down the scaffolding and walk outside of the room.

On the outside of the room, take the Candle up the stairs. You'll find another similar white cylinder. Deposit the Candle and another Crane will move into place.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Gold Challenge 03

As you can see, this sets up a climbing puzzle. Again, make sure you save your game -- correctly landing on the handholds can be tricky and you'll probably fall a few times.

Work your way straight ahead to the submarine. Eventually, you'll reach a pipe and a split in paths:

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Gold Challenge 04

Take the path to the right and you can jump onto the submarine. You'll find a loot chest there. Then, walk to the edge of the platform opposite the chest and you'll find a single yellow bar that you can grab onto. Move to the left and climb past the golden Soviet Union emblem, then jump onto the scaffolding below where you originally picked up the Candle.

Look around and you'll see a window where you placed the Candle. Grab it with Telekinesis and place it in the holder next to you. This will bring another platform closer. You'll see some silver bars with red dots -- you can climb onto these. Jump to the closest one and work your way up to the top of the crane.

Once you're on top of the crane, turn around and grab the Candle with Telekinesis again. This will cause the crane you're standing on to move. You can drop the Candle now; you don't need it any longer. Once the crane is done moving, look down and you'll see a small platform you can safely land on.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide - Gold Challenge 05

Drop down carefully. Then, jump onto the yellow bars ahead and climb up. You'll see a door right in front of you. Go through the door and you'll see the Golden Comrade Lootyakin up ahead; it has the MP - Reinforced Bolt Frame and Swede - Blade Upgrades inside of it.

Another office is far to the left with some containers you can loot. There's also a Save Point, but no proper Breakroom. Once you've looted everything in the area and saved your game, go into the darkened room to the right of the Comrade Lootyakin and you'll go up an elevator to the surface.

This is normally where we would be done with the guide, but there's still one final challenge -- you'll have to fight the two MA-9 "Belyash"  robots that I mentioned earlier. Pour as much damage into them as you can and focus on killing one at a time. Once they're dead, you'll be able to exit through a garage door on the side that will open as you approach it. There's a bunker with a Nora and a Save Point just past this door, so you can save your game and continue with your adventures.

Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Loot

  • Zvezdochka - Extra Saw Upgrade (Silver Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Fox - Blade Upgrade (Silver Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Dominator - Vortex Transducer Upgrade (Silver Comrade Lootyakin)
  • MP - Reinforced Bolt Frame Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Swede - Blade Upgrade (Gold Comrade Lootyakin)
  • Various Crafting materials

We're all done with the Atomic Heart Scientific Testing Ground 8 Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!

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