New Atomic Heart Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Seriously Stylish Shooting

Published: February 1, 2023 9:19 AM /


Artwork depicting the hero and a robot in Atomic Heart

It's almost time to get your hands on open-world shooter Atomic Heart, and to whet your appetite for the game, Focus and Mundfish have released a brand new gameplay trailer. It gives an extensive look at the game's blend of sci-fi magic, weighty shooting, and immersive exploration.

First, the trailer gives a look at Atomic Heart's alternate-history Soviet setting of Facility 3826. The player can be seen soaring over the facility's lush greenery in a flying car, as well as walking across its vast expanse wielding a variety of weapons. In the game's world, a new thought-controlled AI protocol was sabotaged, leading to an army of robots going haywire. As Major P3, you must step in and restore order.

Mundfish promises that Facility 3826 will take you to huge scientific complexes, sinister laboratories, and civilian locations, as well as underground locations packed with "spatial puzzles" that promise to challenge even the most cerebrally-oriented players.

As P3, you'll travel alongside an experimental AI that's been integrated into your power glove (no, not that Power Glove). Your companion will provide tidbits on Atomic Heart's lore and characters, and he's also where you'll derive your powers from. You'll have access to telekinesis, freezing powers, and electricity, and you'll have to use all of them across 5 different complexes in Facility 3826 if you want to emerge victorious.

Weapons in Atomic Heart range from sharp axes and melee weapons through to modified electric rifles and grenade launchers. Using them alongside your powers will result in some pretty fun-looking combos. Using melee weapons lets you build energy, which you can then spend with your energy weapons. You can also add elemental effects to weapons and give them extra features by using Atomic Heart's crafting system.

Atomic Heart launches on February 21st for PC, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox platforms. It'll be available on day one via Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass as well. Despite the game's rather impressive-looking open world and visuals, Mundfish has confirmed it'll run at a "solid 60fps" on consoles the studio calls "next-gen", although it isn't clear whether that includes Xbox Series S. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for more Atomic Heart news.

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