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A soldier with a skull mask on and his arms crossed in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov PvE Coming to All EoD Owners After Backlash

Battlestate Games has announced that it will make the new Escape from Tarkov PvE mode free for all owners of the Edge of Darkness edition of the game following an intense backlash from the community…

April 29, 2024 | 08:09 EDT

The Scav boss Glukhar in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Tries to Quiet Fan Uproar, Stokes Flames Instead

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has attempted to address a controversy surrounding the game's Edge of Darkness and Unheard editions, but the studio seems only to have succeeded in…

April 26, 2024 | 08:52 EDT

The Scav boss Shturman in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Devs Face Backlash Over Controversial New Unheard Edition

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has come in for criticism regarding the announcement of the game's new Unheard Edition, which appears to grant access to a co-op PvE mode no other…

April 25, 2024 | 11:04 EDT

A player holding a gun and looking at other soldiers in Escape from Tarkov: Arena

Battlestate Games Shares Updated Escape from Tarkov: Arena Roadmap

Battlestate Games has released an updated Escape from Tarkov: Arena roadmap, showing what's coming to the multiplayer shooter over the course of its next few updates. The roadmap comes via a post on…

April 23, 2024 | 12:01 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.14

Escape from Tarkov Patch Brings New Location for Beginners, Achievements, Weapons, and More

Battlestate Games released today a new update for its popular extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov, numbered, and it's a pretty big one. The crown jewel of the update is a new urban area…

December 27, 2023 | 09:47 EST

The player cautiously walking through the streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov patch 0.13.5

Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.13.5 Brings New Boss, Gear Presets, And More

Escape from Tarkov patch 0.13.5 is arriving today, bringing with it a new boss to fight, swappable gear presets, and more. Where previous Tarkov updates have focused on improving the game's…

August 10, 2023 | 03:12 EDT

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Update Aims to Increase Accuracy & Reduce Desync

If you play Escape from Tarkov, you know that at times it can suffer from a number of issues, and an update coming tomorrow aims to mitigate some very relevant ones. Numbered, the update…

July 5, 2023 | 06:48 EDT

Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov Developers Vow to Take Action Against Datamining

The developers of Escape from Tarkov at Battlestate Games have announced that they will start taking action against dataminers leaking unreleased information about the game.  The announcement was…

June 25, 2023 | 02:09 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Arena

Escape from Tarkov Arena Shows its FPS Gameplay in New Trailer

Battlestate Games released new gameplay of its upcoming FPS spin-off Escape from Tarkov Arena.  In case you missed the announcement back in 2022, Escape from Tarkov Arena is a session-based…

April 8, 2023 | 05:15 EDT

Escape From Tarkov hideout, planning some sort of destruction

[Updated] PSA: Escape From Tarkov Steam Page Is Fake

Update: Valve has stepped in and taken down the fake Escape From Tarkov Steam page, which will now redirect you to the Steam homepage if you visit it. All the assets have also been taken down, per…

January 24, 2023 | 10:05 EST

The new Escape from Tarkov Streets level in the background of a banner proclaiming Patch

Escape From Tarkov Patch 0.13 Takes To The Streets Today

Escape from Tarkov's latest patch is coming today, finally opening up the long-awaited Streets area of the game...or part of it, at any rate. You can look forward to a new area to explore, new skills…

December 28, 2022 | 08:58 EST

A player aiming at an enemy through a sniper scope in Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Patch 12.12.30 Update and Wipe Launched

Escape from Tarkov patch 12.12.30 is live, bringing new content and a wipe to the military multiplayer FPS. With the latest update, Battlestate Games also continues its silence regarding the war in…

June 29, 2022 | 10:37 EDT

The player firing in a firefight in Escape from Tarkov

Next Escape From Tarkov Update Details Shared

Yesterday, Battlestate Games held a livestream in which the studio revealed some more details about the next Escape from Tarkov update. It's bringing the highly-anticipated Lighthouse expansion, as…

June 10, 2022 | 09:21 EDT

The player holding a gun in Escape from Tarkov Arena

Escape From Tarkov Arena Finally Revealed By Battlestate

Battlestate Games has finally officially revealed Escape from Tarkov Arena. It's a smaller-scale standalone shooter with PvE and PvP elements that looks like it'll be largely focused around combat…

June 6, 2022 | 09:21 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Anti-Boosting Anti-RMT update cover

Escape from Tarkov Update Nerfs Item Drops to Combat Boosting and RMT

A new Escape from Tarkov update severely restricts the ability to drop items to other players in an attempt to combat boosting and real-money trading (RMT). Escape from Tarkov charges players with…

May 11, 2022 | 02:50 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Rogue Event cover

Escape from Tarkov Rogues Event Invades 3 Locations

An Escape from Tarkov Rogues event has been announced -- this deadly faction has invaded three locations of the game, making your Raids a little more challenging. Escape from Tarkov removed all…

May 6, 2022 | 02:43 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Traders removed cover

All Escape from Tarkov Traders Removed for 5 Days

All of the Escape from Tarkov Traders have been removed from the game for 5 days, making this looter shooter even more challenging than before. Escape from Tarkov challenges players to survive in a…

April 27, 2022 | 04:43 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Update Patch cover

Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Adds Repair Kits and More

Escape from Tarkov Update Patch has arrived, adding NVIDIA DLSS, Weapon and Armor Repair Kits, and more to the game. The last few months have been pretty wild for Escape from Tarkov.…

April 13, 2022 | 03:53 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Upcoming Content cover

Escape from Tarkov Reveals New Daily Tasks, Crafting Changes, and More

A number of new features and improvements have been revealed for Escape from Tarkov including new crafting mechanics, an expansion to the Lighthouse, and more. Escape from Tarkov is a looter shooter…

April 4, 2022 | 02:14 EDT

Escape from Tarkov Russian Sanctions cover

'Everything Will Be Fine' With Escape from Tarkov, Dev Says

Many game developers are being affected by the Russia-Ukraine War, but Battlestate Games doesn't anticipate any problems with Escape from Tarkov due to sanctions on Russia or other issues. The…

March 9, 2022 | 02:41 EST

Escape from Tarkov economy Rouble Dollar Euro cover

The Rouble is Crashing in Escape from Tarkov

The in-game economy of Escape from Tarkov is being affected by the real-world downward slide of the Russian Rouble, mirroring the economic impacts affecting the currency in the real world. Escape…

March 1, 2022 | 04:18 EST

Escape from Tarkov 0.12.12 Patch cover

Escape From Tarkov 0.12.12 Patch Trailer Shows Off New Area and Guns

The Escape from Tarkov 0.12.12 Patch trailer has arrived, showing off a new area of the game and some cool new guns and pieces of equipment. Escape from Tarkov is pretty hardcore as far as survival…

December 9, 2021 | 04:24 EST

Escape From Tarkov - Key Art

New Escape From Tarkov Update Adds "Operational Tasks" And More To The Game

Battlestate Games, the team behind upcoming first-person multiplayer shooter Escape From Tarkov, has announced a brand new Escape From Tarkov update. This update brings new daily quests known as…

October 23, 2021 | 04:50 EDT

A player firing at a building in Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Update Brings High Level Quests, Potato Mode

A new Escape from Tarkov is coming tomorrow, and it's bringing lots of fixes with it. As you might expect, plenty of bugs are getting squashed in this update, but there's also new content to look…

August 9, 2021 | 10:16 EDT

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov 12.11 Patch Notes Reveal Changes

Escape From Tarkov 12.11 patch notes are out, detailing the changes in the game after the recent wipe and in the new update. New additions to the game include a factory expansion, a new scav boss,…

July 2, 2021 | 10:11 EDT

A player roaming the streets in Escape from Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Patch 12.11 Brings Fixes And A Server Wipe

Escape from Tarkov Patch 12.11 is here, and it's bringing lots of things you need to know about if you're an avid player. While we won't know the full extent of the changes and additions until the…

June 30, 2021 | 09:41 EDT

Escape From Tarkov Wipe next update June 2021 cover

Escape from Tarkov Wipe Coming with Next Update

An Escape from Tarkov wipe has been announced for Patch 0.12.11 roughly a week after a number of new events took place in the game. Escape from Tarkov is a looter shooter that's very different from…

June 28, 2021 | 01:44 EDT

A shot from survival shooter Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Dev Plans to Focus on Hardcore Gameplay, Do Away With 'Metas'

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has reassured players that it won't be getting less hardcore any time soon. During a Q&A, game director Nikita Buyanov affirmed that players who…

May 14, 2021 | 09:15 EDT

Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov Servers Are Finally Being Upgraded

In a recent tweet, Battlestate Games has revealed that they would be upgrading the Escape From Tarkov servers later today between 5 PM EST to 10 PM EST. They also stated that they would replacing the…

March 3, 2021 | 10:20 EST

Escape from Tarkov Update 0.12.9

Escape from Tarkov Update 0.12.9 Expands Woods Map And Lots More Tomorrow

Battlestate Games has announced Escape from Tarkov update 0.12.9 will be releasing tomorrow, Dec. 24. This update will also include a server wipe for the early-access game, meaning players will need…

December 23, 2020 | 02:19 EST

Escape From Tarkopv

Escape From Tarkov Update Includes Crafting

Escape From Tarkov update is a decently large one, including new skills such as Crafting and Hideout Management as well as other gameplay elements for players to play around with. A new…

October 19, 2020 | 09:39 EDT

escape from tarkov

New Map Revealed for Escape From Tarkov

At the PC Gaming Show, more information about Escape From Tarkov was revealed. Tarkov started its beta back in 2017 and is an MMO first person shooter set in Russia. They also went into what is…

June 13, 2020 | 04:24 EDT

A scavenger behind a sunset
Game Page

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a hybrid looter shooter with an emphasis on tactical realism. Tarkov takes a break from the fast-paced first-person shooter by rewarding thoughtful and tactical gameplay. In…

February 5, 2020 | 12:40 EST

Escape from Tarkov screenshot showing a bus with the words "Welcome to Tarkov"

Escape from Tarkov New Player's Guide

Welcome to the Escape From Tarkov New Player's Guide! Escape from Tarkov is a challenging first-person shooter, and this guide will show you how to survive, as well as outlining some of the most…

February 5, 2020 | 10:00 EST