Escape from Tarkov Update Aims to Increase Accuracy & Reduce Desync

Published: July 5, 2023 6:48 PM /


Escape from Tarkov

If you play Escape from Tarkov, you know that at times it can suffer from a number of issues, and an update coming tomorrow aims to mitigate some very relevant ones.

Numbered, the update will focus on fixing the accuracy of player display and the synchronization between clients and servers. Of course, this is not a problem limited to Tarkov, but the update - if successful - should increase the quality of gameplay by quite a bit by reducing the discrepancy between what you see and what the server calculates, so you don't end up shooting thin air.

Here's a list of major changes, as reported on the official forums. You can find the full patch notes with more fixes directly there. 

  • Increased the number of network entities in the raid on Streets of Tarkov. In the future, changes are possible on other locations as well;
  • Improved the hit registration accuracy;
  • Increased the accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and the client;
  • Reduced the chance of desync with the server;
  • Network traffic optimization;
  • Memory consumption optimization.
    • Major update to Oculus Spatializer - fixed positioning issues that could occur with a large number of audio sources playing at the same time.
    • Weapon sound adjustments - now the sounds of gunshots sound more volumetric, but with sound positioning retained. Fixed sharp jumps from mono to stereo.
    • Adjusted the interior reverb sounds when the character is wearing active headsets.
    • Balancing changes:
  • Reduced damage to blacked-out limbs by 30%;
  • Slightly increased blunt damage.
    • Reworked the bot spawn system in practice mode. Now the number of bots is more accurate in relation to the selected settings.

If you're unfamiliar with Escape from Tarkov, it's a popular multiplayer extraction first-person shooter for PC. Despite its availability, it's technically considered still in beta. Battlestate Games is also working on an FPS spin-off titled Escape from Tarkov Arena

Recently, the developers have taken a hard stance against dataminers and those who showcase their findings.


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