Escape from Tarkov Rogues Event Invades 3 Locations

Rogues are going to be making your Tarkov raids a little more difficult in locations such as Woods and Customs.

Published: May 6, 2022 2:43 PM /


Escape from Tarkov Rogue Event cover

An Escape from Tarkov Rogues event has been announced -- this deadly faction has invaded three locations of the game, making your Raids a little more challenging.

Escape from Tarkov removed all traders from the game for about a week late last month, forcing players to get familiar with the newly-introduced repair kits very quickly. Now, it looks like a new event has landed. (Watch your volume on the below tweet -- it gets quite loud right at the beginning!)

Escape from Tarkov Rogue Event Ups the Ante

The Escape from Tarkov Rogues event was announced in a tweet featuring a short story showing communication between several units. From what players are reporting, this faction has invaded several sections of the map.

Discussions on Reddit (first submission, second submission) feature several reports from players claiming that NPCs from the Rogues faction can now be found at the following locations:

  • Woods
    • The Scav Bunker by the USEC camp
  • Shoreline
    • Near the Weather Station
  • Customs
    • Fort Knox
Escape from Tarkov Rogue Event text
Here's the text from the announcement tweet minus the awful audio.

The Rogues are a faction of ex-USEC operatives who have previously protected the Water Treatment Plant on the Lighthouse map. According to the wiki, they are somewhat lenient towards USEC and Scav players and will only attack them once they enter the plant. BEAR players, however, will likely face a greater amount of aggression.

There are also some rumors that the Escape from Tarkov Rogues Event is preceding a wipe, but most commentary I've seen from players states that it's a little too early for a wipe to be coming around. Considering last week's event with the Traders, it looks like Battlestate Games is simply adding a little more variety to the game for funsies.

For now, you should be cautious when exploring Woods, Shoreline, and Customs -- especially if you're a part of the BEAR faction. You can pre-order Escape from Tarkov starting at $44.99 or your regional equivalent and experience the challenge of this unforgiving game with instant access to its closed beta.

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