Escape From Tarkov Dev Plans to Focus on Hardcore Gameplay, Do Away With 'Metas'

If you've been worrying that Escape from Tarkov is going to get easier, the developer has some words for you

Published: May 14, 2021 9:15 AM /


A shot from survival shooter Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has reassured players that it won't be getting less hardcore any time soon. During a Q&A, game director Nikita Buyanov affirmed that players who want the survival shooter to become less hardcore "will not be supported by us".

What did the Escape from Tarkov Q&A teach us?

Several content creators sent questions to Battlestate, and their questions (as well as Battlestate's answers) were collected by Tarkov YouTuber NoiceGuy. One creator asks Buyanov what he thinks of the so-called "Chads and Rats" community division, whereby some players want to engage in PvP while others simply want to explore. Buyanov's response is that Escape from Tarkov is "not about" becoming easier or more accessible. He says he wants players to earn advantages "with [their] skill and with [their] intellect". Buyanov also voices his dislike for "metas", aspects of online gaming in which certain strategies or approaches become dominant thanks to what he calls "unbalanced stuff".

A moody indoor shot in Escape from Tarkov
If you're worried about Escape from Tarkov getting easier, director Nikita Buyanov says that isn't going to happen.

In addition to difficulty and player base, Buyanov also gives a glimpse into some upcoming features for Escape from Tarkov. He says the upcoming Factory location expansion is "nearly done", and that the team is currently working on the upcoming Streets of Tarkov location, which is "a huge undertaking" thanks to its unique assets and elements. Buyanov says "everything is going as planned", which means there shouldn't be any major delays to upcoming Tarkov features.

What's next for Escape from Tarkov?

In the Q&A, Buyanov is asked about new gameplay features for Escape from Tarkov. When a content creator makes specific reference to gas grenades, breaching locked doors, and flares as an NVG deterrent, Buyanov says all of these features "are planned to be in the game at some point", but won't come until future patches. Weapon malfunctioning and custom rigs are being worked on, but Buyanov says it's more important to get "the basic features of the game" down before adding these features.

The new Chemical Factory 16 expanded location in Escape from Tarkov
Battlestate Games says the expansions to the Factory location in Escape from Tarkov are almost complete.

One interesting question comes from a creator who asks whether Escape from Tarkov will be "much different" at launch compared to now. Buyanov says that there are still several major game-changing features coming, including weapon malfunctions, the ability to get knocked unconscious, and more. He does reassure fans that it won't be "entirely" different, but that it will be more difficult and more hardcore when launch rolls around. There will also be storyline quests and "endgame content" coming, so the blasted landscape of Tarkov is going to look pretty different to its current state at launch.

You can gain access to the Escape from Tarkov closed beta by pre-ordering the full game. It'll set you back $44.99, which is pretty steep, but you will get full access to the game when it's finished, as well as a basic stash and bonus equipment when you begin the game.

Are you looking forward to Escape from Tarkov's new features? Let us know in the comments below!

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