Escape From Tarkov 12.11 Patch Notes Reveal Changes

The latest Escape From Tarkov patch has added new content in the form of the factory expansion, as well as weapon malfunctions and technical deteriorating to the online shooter.

Published: July 2, 2021 10:11 AM /


Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov 12.11 patch notes are out, detailing the changes in the game after the recent wipe and in the new update. New additions to the game include a factory expansion, a new scav boss, and the first pass on weapon malfunctions and technical deteriorating.

What's in Escape From Tarkov patch 12.11?

The biggest addition in Escape From Tarkov 12.11 is the Factory expansion, which includes the new scav boss, Tagilla, who's Killa's brother. He's chosen "Factory" as his place of refuge and in combat, he brings out his sledgehammer like he's Sledge from Rainbow Six: Siege. If you are unfortunate enough to get hit by it, you'll either be disorientated and have broken bones, or be dead. The boss can set ambushes, open suppressive fire, and breach if needed, so don't mess around with this guy, because he sounds pretty scary.

As for weapon malfunctions and technical deteriorating, you can now have a misfire on almost every gun in the game... yay? This does fit the more realism-focused gameplay of Escape from Tarkov, so it is a fitting addition. Misfire can be resolved in a myriad of ways that include the "Resolve" hotkey (which is Shift+T) by default, or by using "any bolt related manipulations." 

Different types of ammunition and weapon mods will affect the deterioration speed, so there's a new stat added called "Durability burn" that will show that. Different ammo has a increased or decreased chance of misfires, and the technical condition of each weapon will then influence the base accuracy, which can then offset the "center point of impact and general misfire chance." There was also a full rework of in-game ballistics, meaning penetration chances, bullet deviation, and fragmentation are all going to be different, changing how your guns feel in play.

Fence reputation has been added as well, which adds a sort of Scav Karma to the game. You can lose reputation by killing non-hostile scavs, and gain it by helping different scavs, or by helping scav bosses kill their enemies or by using friendly scav or car exfil.  This will impact how often AI Scavs agree to help you, player-scav cooldowns, exfils, car extract fee, and normal selling price. If you max out loyalty with a fence you'll be able to purchase uninsured items lost by other players, while bosses at high rep may be allies. If you have a very low reputation, AI scavs will attack you.

There are as one might expect new equipment, weapons, quests, barter items, weapon mods, customization options, and more, along with several new skills. The maximum character level was changed to 79 now.

If you'd like to check out the full patch notes, be sure to go here as there are a lot of small tweaks along the way as well as some other additions.

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