New Escape From Tarkov Update Adds "Operational Tasks" And More To The Game

Escape from Tarkov just added some great new features, including daily quests and a new UI update. Read on for more details.

Published: October 23, 2021 4:50 PM /


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Battlestate Games, the team behind upcoming first-person multiplayer shooter Escape From Tarkov, has announced a brand new Escape From Tarkov update. This update brings new daily quests known as Operational Tasks into the game, as well as some minor improvements to some other aspects of the title. 

Daily Quests Now Available in Escape From Tarkov

If you've not already heard of the game, Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore multiplayer, first-person shooter that tasks two different teams with pulling of raids to gather armor and equipment. If you die while on a raid, you lose all of the stuff you had with you, except for in a few rare circumstances. The game features an entire economy based around buying and selling your stuff, as well as a few extra game modes to keep things interesting. 

It seems like now the traders who are the backbone of that economy will also have something else to peddle. The update was officially announced on Twitter, and it revealed that traders would soon be doling out occasional daily quests called 'operational tasks'. These tasks can be a range of different things, such as killing certain types of players in a location, or finding certain items, and come with a specific time limit that the player has to complete them by. 

It should be noted that operation tasks do differ from quests. Although quests have you completing certain tasks for experience points, they're typically not times, and can also be much more complicated.  

A Few Other Changes Too

While Battlestate doesn't really believe in patch notes, some eagle-eyed players have found a few other minor changes here and there. The UI for the quest menu has been changed, as well as the UI for traders in general, which makes a lot of sense considering the main part of this update revolves around both quests and traders. Of course, the most noticeable UI change has been changing mission counters in percent complete bars, which has a few players annoyed as it seems mostly like a worse way of knowing how much stuff you have left to do for a particular mission. 

The update is available right now, so if you've got the game think about updating your client ASAP to enjoy the new features. If you want to learn more about the game you can check out the official website here, or follow the developers on Twitter

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