Escape From Tarkov Update Brings High Level Quests, Potato Mode

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Escape From Tarkov Update Brings High Level Quests, Potato Mode

August 9, 2021

By: Joseph Allen

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Battlestate Games
Battlestate Games

A new Escape from Tarkov is coming tomorrow, and it's bringing lots of fixes with it. As you might expect, plenty of bugs are getting squashed in this update, but there's also new content to look forward to, as well as a blessing for players with less powerful gaming PCs.

What's in the new Escape from Tarkov update?

Per the game's official subreddit, tomorrow's Escape from Tarkov update will add lots of new stuff, although there's no one addition that's hugely significant. New high-level quests are being added, which should be useful if you're maxed out and looking for more to do. There's now a Sorting Table feature on the Scav item turn-in screen, and if you exit a location as a Player Scav, you'll gain a Fence reputation increase.

A player exploring the streets in Escape from Tarkov
New high-level quests are on their way to Escape from Tarkov soon, so sit tight if you've mastered the game.

Perhaps most excitingly, Escape from Tarkov is getting a "Very Low" graphics preset, which should be of great help if your PC is getting on a little (no judgment). Flicking the game to this setting will, of course, lower the fidelity of the visuals, but it should help if your framerate has been chugging. You'll also notice a new ability to change PMC voices, a new method for sorting dogtags, and various AI fixes, all of which should contribute towards a smoother Escape from Tarkov gameplay experience.

When will the next Escape from Tarkov offline period be?

As you might expect, the devs will be taking Escape from Tarkov offline in order to apply the next patch. This will happen tomorrow at around 3am EST (10am Moscow time). Battlestate says it expects Escape from Tarkov to be down for around 4 hours, although as is always the case, that time period could be extended depending on how long it takes to apply the patch. You won't be able to play Escape from Tarkov at all while the patch is being applied, so make sure you've done everything you need to before the offline period.


If you haven't already tried Escape from Tarkov, you can check it out right now on PC. You'll need to pre-order the game if you want to gain access to the closed beta, but doing so will also grant you access to the finished game when it does eventually release.

Are you looking forward to new Escape from Tarkov high-level quests? Let us know in the comments below!

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