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Genshin Impact Guides

Genshin Impact Promotional Art

With the recent version 2.0 update for Genshin Impact, developers miHoYo have included cross-save features for players who wish to transfer their save progress from PC/mobile to PlayStation, and vice

Genshin Impact Araumi Ruins location

When exploring the expansive Inazuma islands of Genshin Impact’s Version 2.0, you’re bound to come across the Araumi Ruins. They are located at the northernmost point of the island. If you haven’t,

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Preview Image

Here we are at the next step in this incredibly involved Genshin Impact quest chain. At this point you'll have completed the A Strange Story in Konda quest, which will have led you to the Sacrificial

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Preview Image

As the lead up to the dramatic conclusion of the Liyue Archon Storyline, Genshin Impact update 1.1 has players fighting it out in a Childe boss fight. For those who are following the story, which

Genshin Impact City Reputation Preview

The Genshin Impact 1.1 is releasing on Nov. 11. As many players have continued to work through the present story and endgame activities, this update will bring new characters and other new features.

Genshin Impact Nine Pillars of Peace Preview Image

Two weeks into Genshin Impact being out and it still feels like every day is a new discovery, this time in the land of Liyue. As you explore the Cuijue Slope, you'll find a valley with large neon

Genshin Impact Starter Guide

Genshin Impact is the latest free-to-play craze, but how do you get started? We are going to roll out some useful advice to answer any basic questions you might have. What's the Goal in Genshin

Genshin Imapct Luhua Landscape Quest Guide

If you've been spending any time around the Luhua Pool area of Genshin Impact, either for the brilliant views or for finding out the ruin's secrets, then you might run across Vermeer the Travelling

Genshin Impact Riddles Preview Image

As you first head into the Liyue region of Genshin Impact, you'll pass through the Stone Gate and by the Wuwang Hill, which on the other side is the Qingce Village. There are a series of secret