Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins, Cube Puzzles, and Perpetual Machine Array Guide

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Genshin Impact Araumi Ruins location

When exploring the expansive Inazuma islands of Genshin Impact’s Version 2.0, you’re bound to come across the Araumi Ruins. They are located at the northernmost point of the island. If you haven’t, work your way through the Sacrificial Offering questline to acquire the Memento Lens key item. Without it, you won’t be able to explore.

Once you acquire the item, head to this location on the map to start solving the cube puzzles to enter the Araumi Ruins. To enter, you’ll need to find five electro sigils around the area. This process is explained in the Cleansing Defilement guide.

  • North - A locked Electro sigil will require you to defeat enemies
  • South-East a normal Electro sigil will be further up on some ruins
  • East - Another unlocked sigil
  • West - This sigil requires you to complete a rotating block puzzle to gain access
  • At the switch - There’s a sigil right there, nice and easy

Once you’ve activated all of the sigils, you’ll need to climb into the tree trunk. Inside, you’ll find three scannable Kitsune statues. Scan them all and the floor beneath you will open, allowing you to enter the Araumi secret ruins.

Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins
The three Kitsune can be found surrounding the entrance.

If you’re following the Cleansing Defilement quest, you’ll need to come to Araumi to cleanse additional roots. This part of the Araumi ruins is explained in our guide.

Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins Puzzle Cube #1 Guide

After dropping into the Araumi ruins, head to the left of the Sakura. You should come across the first Araumi cube puzzle. In this puzzle, when you hit a cube, the two closest cubes will move as well. Your goal is to make them all face in one direction, matching the middle cube, which does not move. Once complete, make sure to grab the Precious Chest.

“There are two Seelies on this first floor. Seek them out to gain access to a secondary entrance to the ruins before you continue onwards. They can be found above the block puzzle you just completed and to the right of the Sakura roots.”

The first Araumi cube puzzle
In order to complete this puzzle, match your cubes to look like so. Then, hit cube number one.


Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins Puzzle Cube #2 Guide

Once you’ve finished the cube puzzle on this floor, drop down further into the ruins. When you’re swimming in the flooded room, head down the hallway to access a set of stairs. Activate the mechanism to unlock the gated door, then turn around to find the second cube puzzle. As before, you want to make each cube face the same direction. You will be rewarded with yet another Precious Chest.

Araumi's second cube puzzle
Once again, match your cubes up to look like so. Then, hit cube number one. All the cubes should be facing the same direction.


Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins Perpetual Machine Array Boss

After you drain the water, you can collect another Precious Chest. You can also explore the now drained underwater ruins, but to continue to the next puzzle, exit through the gate door you unlocked earlier. Head left down the flight of stairs, then follow the next set of stairs downwards. Activate the mechanism to the right of the door and it will unlock, allowing you to head deeper into the area.

“This room is full of dangerous and new enemies known as Ruin Automatons. Since there is water on the floor, the enemies can end up inflicted with Hydro. Use this to your advantage and freeze them with Cryo characters like Ayaka, Ganyu, or Rosaria.”

Follow the hallway and destroy the Ruin Automatons blocking your path. At the end of the hallway, you should reach another set of stairs, which lead to a room with a teleport point. Activate it and continue onwards. Inside of the next room is the Perpetual Machine Array boss.

Arena of the Perpetual Machine Array Boss

The Perpetual Machine Array boss is lethal. Be sure to bring a damage dealing character, a healer, and possibly a shield. Don’t overuse Charged Attacks against the Perpetual Machine Array boss or you won’t have enough stamina to run away from his attacks. You can dodge all of his abilities, including the rocket, laser, and cube attacks. When he spawns Ruin Automatons, attack the one with symbols floating around it to weaken the boss.

When defeated, along with normal boss rewards like Mora and Artifacts, the Perpetual Machine Array boss will drop the Perpetual Heart. This level up material is needed to Ascend new characters like Ayaka.

Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins Floor Puzzle #1 Guide

After you defeat the Perpetual Machine Array, head to the back of the arena to find a staircase heading upwards. Follow these stairs to find the first floor puzzle. With these puzzles, you need to activate all of the floor pieces by following a path.

The first floor puzzle in Araumi

Genshin Impact Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates Domain

We’re at the end of the dungeon. One more puzzle to go! Just like the first floor puzzle, follow the path to complete it. Once you finish this, the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates domain should appear. Congratulations! You've reached the bottom of the Araumi Ruins dungeon!

Araumi's second floor puzzle


Genshin Impact Araumi Secret Ruins Completed

Now that you've finished the Araumi Ruins, you can teleport back anytime to fight the Perpetual Machine Array. You can also take on the Empty Boat of a Thousand Gates domain. The domain gives rewards of Primogems x40, 500 Adventure EXP, 5 Electro Sigils, 1 Morning Dew's Moment, 2 Guides to Transience, 3 Hero's Wit, 5 Mystic Enhancement Ore, and 30,000 Mora.

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