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As the lead up to the dramatic conclusion of the Liyue Archon Storyline, Genshin Impact update 1.1 has players fighting it out in a Childe boss fight. For those who are following the story, which anyone reading this should be, you've run across Childe a number of times (or maybe even gotten him as part of your party) during the story. The Childe boss fight wasn't impossible to predict, as he is a high-level member of the Fatui, as well as leaks and video for this boss fight being shown off last month, but regardless you want to be prepared for this behemoth of a fight.

This battle will begin after a cutscene as soon as you enter The Golden House, so make sure you're ready to begin when you enter. An important thing to note going into this fight is that Childe levels up with the world level, so while it says on the door the recommended minimum is Lv 35 for the party, if your world level is a lot above that then, Childe will scale with that. My World Rank was at 4 when I took on Childe, so he was level 61 for his fight.

This fight plays out over three different forms. The first two not only have their own patterns and attacks, but even the Element they use is different. For the maximum level of chaos, Childe's third form has access to more powerful versions of the previous forms' attacks. With most of the attacks, it's enough to know what to look for to be able to avoid the. If there are any that have easy timing or knowledge to learn, then I'll list strategies of how to counter the attacks. This kind of character is a first in Genshin Impact, not only swapping between two Elements but being able to wield two at once, something Childe calls the Foul Legacy Transformation.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Childe
Former acquaintance turned foe

Genshin Impact - Childe Boss Fight 1: Normal Form

Weapon: Bow
Element: Hydro

List of Attacks

  • Consecutive Arrows Forward: Pretty simple attack, he'll just fire a few arrows in a row at you. Dodge to the side to avoid them.
  • Consecutive Arrows Down: Like the attack above but Childe will jump up and fire Hydro arrows into the ground. After connecting they will create a directional wave. They're fast but easy to dodge around.
  • Whale Breach: Childe will dash away, and a large area around him will start charging before a giant Hydro whale will breach and then land a distance away. He deals heavy damage with both parts of this attack, so be ready to dash away at this point.
  • Mortar Arrows: Childe will kneel down and begin firing his arrows into the air. Targets will begin to appear and track your character; dodge out of the way when you can. There's some timing to this, but you'll learn it quickly.


The is by far the simplest and easiest of the stages of the Childe fight. The Arrows forward and down, while fast and likely to hit you, also don't do too much damage. His big attacks, the Whale Breach and Mortar Arrows, probably do too much damage... but they are telegraphed to you. You'll have more than enough time to simply move out of the way of the giant whale.

For this battle you'll want to be rushing in and dealing as much damage possible, routinely circling around Childe while he is firing arrows. When he dashes back for one of his larger attacks, move away and take this opportunity to heal/enjoy the view. Seriously, the whale attack is so cool to see.

Once you get his health down he will dash into the center of the arena, and a sphere of water will surround him. When he emerges. he's a totally different Childe, changing his weapon as well as his element.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Stage 2 Attack
If anyone figures out how to dodge this... more power to you

Genshin Impact - Childe Boss Fight 2: Delusion Unleashed

Weapon: Polearm
Element: Electro

List of Attacks

  • 180-degree slice: He'll swing his polearm in a 180-degree slice in front of him
  • Electro Dashes: After standing for a moment charging his polearm Childe will make 5 charges in a row at the player. These can be dodged with good timing.
  • Homing Attack: A ring of electricity will appear around your character. Childe will stand still gathering energy and then will disappear and reappear above you, striking down while creating a large AoE effect.
  • Shockwave: Childe will send out sparks of Electro in front of him.
  • Light combo attack: A series of swings and stabs with his polearm.


Welcome to the hardest part of the fight. Childe attacks fast and hard here, so be sure to keep your healing buffs up and food coming. You need to stay close to Childe in this phase of the battle, but keep an eye out for any of his close attacks to dodge out of the way.

You've got to be really precise about your movements here and you can also get juggled by these attacks. There isn't much of a chance to relax during this fight as even if you try to get away, Childe will dash or homing attack towards you.

Going to be honest too, I wasn't able to find an appropriate way to get away from the Homing Attack. Even dodging at the last moment so he couldn't course correct the AoE shockwave is too large. The best bet is to make sure your tankiest character is out and healthy when that electro ring appears around you.

If anyone does know a way to get out of that attack, please comment below.

Genshin Impact Childe Boss Stage 3
ABD: Always be dashing

Genshin Impact - Childe Boss Fight 3: Foul Legacy Transformation

Weapon: Double-ended sword that can be split into two one-handed swords, or used as a bow
Element: Hydro and Electro

List of Attacks

  • Electro Dash: Same as in Stage 2
  • Electro Triple Slash: Childe will do two electro slashes, and then a third that will be a 180-degree slash as well as create a spinning disc in front of it. The first two slashes don't change direction, but the 180-degree slash does. To avoid this if you're in close quarters, dash behind him before his first slash, and then wait until after the second to dash behind him again once he's lined up his large slash.
  • Hydro Whale: Same as in Stage 1
  • Hydro Slashes: Two diagonal strikes in a straight line
  • Hydro Bow: Two arrows fired at you
  • Hydro Mortar Arrows: Childe will engulf the whole arena with targets predicting Hydro arrows to rain down. You can try to make it to one of the few safe spaces at the edge of the arena.


Here, Childe's attacks are bigger, faster, and stronger for the most part. You'll want to be alternating between up close and fighting/recovering from a distance here just like in Stage 1. The big benefit with Stage 3 over Stage 2 is that while he still has attacks that will allow him to get over to you faster, he won't use them in lieu of his reclaimed Hydro ranged attacks.

Yes, he'll hit harder, but you can give yourself more breathing room by idly dodging some long-ranged attacks while using a healing effect, or waiting for your character to have space for another meal. Learning the pattern to those up-close attacks is also extremely important.

Still Having Difficulties with the Childe Boss Fight?

There are a number of things that you can do to give yourself an edge in the Childe Boss Fight. Some of these include:

  • Stocking up on food that will increase your stats
  • Crafting Hydroshield and Insulation Potions will allow you to increase your resistance to Hydro and Electro respectively for 300s per use. (the battle will last much longer than that so craft a few...)
  • Crafting an Essential Oil for whatever element your main fighters are allowing you to deal more damage with your respective element
  • And of course leveling up, upgrading your weapons, and getting better Artifacts

What did you think of the Childe boss fight in the Genshin Impact 1.1 update? Was he a cake walk for you? or did you find some of these tips helpful?

Have a tip, or want to point out something we missed? Leave a Comment or e-mail us at

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