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What is it and how do you get it?

Progression is the name of the game in almost all video games. It's the growth that you and your characters have from the moment they pick up their sword for the first time, to dealing the final blow of the big bad. In Genshin Impact, Adventure Rank is something that a player will constantly see progressing as they explore the world, but just what is it? what's it used for? and how do you get more of it?

What is Genshin Impact Adventure Rank?

As Genshin Impact is a game that has you recruiting and pulling a variety of different characters that level up individually, the Genshin Impact Adventure Rank is the level of the player themselves. The Adventure Rank lets the player, and others online, know how proficient they are at playing the game and how long they've spent in the world. While you might have already maxed out all four members of your party at their first soft cap of level 20, you might only have an Adventure Rank of 10. For each level that you gain in Adventure Rank going to any of the Adventurers Guild outposts, you'll be able to speak with that region's Katheryne to get all kinds of fantastic rewards.



How can I improve my Genshin Impact Adventure Rank?

Playing through the game

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to earn Adventure Rank is to just play through the game. Pretty much every quest that you undertake will have some kind of Adventure Rank based reward. The further you get through the story, the bigger these Adventure Rank rewards become, but the amount of required Adventure EXP also begins to grow. On any quest you look at, you'll see a symbol that looks like a tree with the acronym AEP, simply standing for Adventure Experience Points. Taking a look at these amounts, you can make a beeline for the quests with the largest reward.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Quest Reward
Get out there and earn some experience!

Exploring the world

Most discoveries that you find exploring the world will also reward you with a fair chunk of AEP. The list of things that reward AEP include but are not limited to:

If you're out and about in the world finding interesting things and solving puzzles... chances are you're already well on your way to earning AEP.

Completing your Adventurer Handbook

Early in the game you'll be given an Adventurer Handbook. This is what proves you're a member of the Adventurers Guild and has a wide variety of different quests for you to complete. Not only are these achievement-like objectives good to clear, but each objective is also normally something that you would want to be doing to progress. Each group is called a Chapter and after completing all objectives in a Chapter you get an extra bonus. The chapters unlocked so far are as follows

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Handbook
I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface of this book...

Chapter 1

  • Visit the Statue of The Seven at Windrise
  • Activate 3 Teleport Waypoints
  • Open 15 chests
  • Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Mondstadt to Lv. 2

Chapter 2

  • Activate 6 Teleport Waypoints
  • Open 30 chests
  • Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Mondstadt to Lv. 4
  • Hund down a Cryo Abyss Mage
  • Cook 5 dishes
  • Enhance a weapon to Lv. 10
  • Equip 4 artifacts ona  single character

Chapter 3

  • Activate 10 Teleport Waypoints
  • Visit the Statue of The Seven at Dawn Winery
  • Open 45 chests
  • Hunt down a Ruin Guard
  • Have an item forged at the Blacksmith
  • Process 3 ingredients
  • Level up a character to Lv. 20
  • Enhance an artifact to Lv. 4

Chapter 4

  • Visit the Statue of The Seven at Stormterror's Lair
  • Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in Mondstadt to Lv. 6
  • Enhance 6 artifacts to Lv. 4
  • Collect 3 rewards from blossoms of wealth or blossoms of revelation
  • Complete an expedition
  • Ascent 3 characters to Phase 1
  • Enhance a weapon to Lv. 20
  • Craft something using alchemy
  • Hunt down an Electro Cicin Mage
  • Unlock a Shrine of Depths

Chapter 5

  • Visit the Statue of The Seven at Sea of Clouds
  • Unlock 10 recipes
  • Open 100 chests
  • Enhance 12 artifacts to Lv. 4
  • Hunt down a Ruin Hunter
  • Enhance 3 weapons to Lv. 40
  • Level up 3 characters to Lv. 40
  • Collect 10 rewards from blossoms of wealth or blossoms of revelation
  • Clear 3 Domains of Forgery (Weapon Ascension Material)
  • Clear Spiral Abyss 1-3

Chapter 6

  • Equip a character with a 4-piece set of min. 3-star artifacts
  • Clear 3 Domains of Blessing (Artifact)
  • Buy something at the Souvenir Shop
  • Clear Spiral Abyss 2-3
  • Defeat an Electro Hypostasis in single player mode
  • Defeat an Anemo Hypostasis in single player mode
  • Defeat a Geo Hypostasis in single player mode
  • Ascend 3 weapons to Phase 2
  • Ascend a weapon to Phase 3
  • Ascent 3 characters to Phase 2
  • Enahnce 8 artifacts to Lv. 8
  • Unlock 5 Shrines of Depths

Chapter 7

  • Level up 3 character talents
  • Defeat 10 bosses in the open world and collect the Trounce Blossom rewards
  • Open 300 chests
  • Clear 3 Domains of Mastery (Talen Level-Up Material
  • Upgrade the Statues of The Seven in mondstadt to Lv. 9
  • Clear the trial of Andrius, Cominator of Wolves in single player mode
  • Clear Spiral Abyss 4-3
  • Forge 2 4-star weapons
  • Ascend 3 weapons to Phase 3
  • Ascend 3 characters to Phase 3
  • Enhance 8 artifacts to Lv. 12
  • Level up 3 characters to Lv. 60
  • Enhance a weapon to Lv. 70


If you improve your Adventure Rank what do you get?

Adventure Guild Rewards

So now you know how to get your Genshin Impact Adventure Rank up but what do you get for building it up? For each level you go up by visiting the Adventure Guild you'll get a reward. They start out small, like 50 Primogems, 5 Sweet Madames, 3 Fine Enhancement Ore, and 5 Wanderer's Advice once you reach level 4 but at certain Adventure Ranks you won't just get some goodies but unlock a new system or feature. The unlock features we're currently aware of are:

  • Rank 5 - 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Rank 10 - Prototype Rancour 4-Star Sword
  • Rank 13 - 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Rank 14 - Commission System (Daily Quests) and Dispatch System (sending adventurers on long quests for uncommon rewards)
  • Rank 15 - Ability to Ascent your characters past level 20 and an Ascention item required for the main character
  • Rank 16 - Co-op System
  • Rank 20 - World Level increases to Lv. 1
  • Rank 24 - 1x Acquaint Fate Wishing Item
  • Between Rank 25 and 26 Ascension Quest - World Level increased to Lv. 2, 2x Acquaint Fate
  • Rank 27 - 1x Memory of Roving Gales
  • Rank 30 - World Level increases to Lv. 3
  • Rank 33 - 1x Acquaint Fate
  • Between Rank 35 and 36 Ascension Quest - World Level increased to 4, 2x Acquaint Fate

There are 60 Adventure Ranks in total.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rank Reward
Time to take on some bigger monsters!

World Rank

The World Rank corresponds not only to the types of rewards that you'll encounter in your world, but also the difficulty. As the World Rank increases the levels of Monsters and Bosses will also increase. The rewards that you get from any type of activity will also be increased though. It's a way for the world to scale with you so that even returning to a region you know like the back of your hand you'll be forced to face a new challenge. When you first begin the game your world will be at Rank 0. Sometimes it will level up from achieving a certain Adventure Rank and other times you'll be required to complete a quest in order to progress further. While you have a World Rank ascension quest to complete you won't gain any further Genshin Impact Adventure Ranks.

What do you think of the Genshin Impact Adventure Rank? Do you think it's a smart progression system for the player? Are there any rewards you hope are on the table?

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