New PS4 advertisement brings back the nostalgia

Published: October 22, 2013 10:00 AM /



With the upcoming Playstation 4 release in 24 days (but hey, who's counting?), Sony has been ramping up the advertising and driving the hype for the all new system even higher. But with one of their latest commercials, it's all about bringing back the nostalgia of the last 14 (yeah, you read that right! I'm feeling old!) wonderful years of Playstation gaming. We won't go into detail, as the video speaks for itself, but get ready for the feels.



Hopefully I'm not the only one that flashed back to sitting four feet from the tube TV as I duked it out with Sephiroth and died over and over again in a decent number of Crash Bandicoot levels. Sony, you got me right in the feels.

The Playstation 4 hits shelves on November 15, with the Xbox One following suit on November 22nd. Which have you got pre-ordered and how did this PS4 advertisement make you feel?



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