Where to Find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Last Update: April 21, 2023


Where to Find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth - Cover Image Piece of Clay in the Foreground with Nettles and Trees in the Background

In this guide, we'll tell you where to find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth and why you need to get it if you want to increase your chances of living!

There are tons of great items to Craft in Survival: Fountain of Youth, but you can only get so far with sticks and stones. Eventually, you'll want to start making more complex Food and Medicine in preparation for traveling by Boat to a new region. You'll need to find Clay to do that -- read on to learn more about Clay and where you can find it!


What is Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth?

Clay is a resource in Survival: Fountain of Youth that serves as the gateway to Crafting better items. You won't be able to make anything out of Copper or some of the more advanced Workbenches until you find some Clay. Clay is also used in a handful of Cooking recipes and one of the best Medicines in the game: the Clay and Egg Ointment.

This resource is especially important for distilling Water -- once you find some Clay, you'll no longer have to rely on collecting Coconuts and Fruits or hoping that there's something in your raincatchers.

Where to Find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth

You can find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth by searching near Water Sources on the Island of Hope. A solitary Clay Deposit can be found on the Copper Island in the Buffalo Region, the second Region of the game Here's where you can find Water Sources on the Island of Hope, the game's first island:


Where to Find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth - Map of Clay Locations on the Island of Hope

Clay is pretty heavy, so you should keep your inventory as empty as possible when heading to a Water Source to collect some Clay. We don't yet know if these Clay Drops will respawn after some time has passed, so treat the first bits of Clay that you get on the Island of Hope as an extremely precious resource!

Once you have a Boat, you'll be able to head to Copper Island in the Buffalo Region. This will give you access to the only major renewable Clay Deposit in the game as far as we can tell. Naturally, Copper Island also has a renewable source of Copper, giving you access to the Copper tier of equipment, too. You can also find small renewable amounts of Clay in Termite Mounds on Red Island in the Buffalo Region.


It's also a good idea to Craft a couple of Coconut Flasks before heading out to a Water Source. You can collect some free Water with very little additional work, so you may as well get that, too!

That's the end of our guide on where to find Clay in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Take a look at some of our other guides below!


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