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image of a broken wall carving in Survival Fountain of Youth

One of the great things about Survival: Fountain of Youth is how it rewards exploration and gives you plenty of lore to interact with as you make your way across the island(s.) On the Island of Hope, you'll find a number of chronicles to interact with and learn more about the natives of the islands. One of them, however is a broken wall carving, and you'll need to fix it with 5 pieces littered around. If you're having trouble, we've got the locations of each Survival: Fountain of Youth wall carving piece!

If you're just getting started in the game, our Starter Guide gives you all the tools and tips you need to know, but if you're looking for deeper knowledge we've got skill book locations, a crafting guide, and a full map guide too!

There are 5 different wall carving pieces to be picked up, and recovering them all to fix the Wall Carving will net you the "8 - Song of the Fountain" Chronicle and a perk point. Here's where they are:

Wall Carving Piece Map

Here's a quick map to show the general location of where each of the pieces is, and below that you'll find screenshots of each!

Map of the locations of the 5 pieces of the Survival Fountain of Youth Wall Carving

Wall Carving Piece 1

You'll find Wall Carving Piece 1 at the base of the elevated rock to the northeast. Don't just jump down, you'll take a significant amount of damage and/or die!

Image of the first piece of the broken wall mural, laying on the rock below the mural room

Wall Carving Piece 2

You'll find Wall Carving Piece 2 right underneath the broken mural.

Wall Carving Piece 3

You'll find Wall Carving Piece 3 outside the entry door to the mural room, hard to miss - but watch out for the snake!

Image of the third wall carving piece for the broken mural, found right next to a snake

Wall Carving Piece 4

You'll find Wall Carving Piece 4 around the rockface to the north of Wall Piece 1, in a small graveyard. Watch out for the harpy protecting its nest - you'll need something to throw at it to take it down!

Image of the fourth wall carving piece for the broken mural, found in a small graveyard next to a birds nest

Wall Carving Piece 5

If you head out the door of the mural room, turn left and around the structure - you'll find this laying on the ground next to another snake. Keep moving forward and there's some water of life to pick up, too!

image of the fifth wall carving piece, found near an archway and a snake


That's it for our Survival Fountain of Youth Broken Mural guide -- while the pieces are fairly easy to find, if you ran into some difficulty hopefully this helped you!

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