How to Kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth

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How to Kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth - Cover Image Harpy Flying Directly at You with a Cliff in the Background

This guide will tell you how to kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth, where to find them, and what kind of loot you'll get for slaying these birds.

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How to Kill a Harpy

There are plenty of deadly enemies to face in Survival: Fountain of Youth, but some of them are just plain annoying. The Harpy is one such creature -- and it's also a valuable source of Food and Crafting materials. Read on to find out how to kill these annoying birds!

What is a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth?

A Harpy is a predatory bird that lives on the Island of Hope in Survival: Fountain of Youth. Generally, they're flying high in the sky and won't bother you if you keep your distance.

However, approaching a Bird Nest at any time will cause any nearby Harpy to notice and it will become aggressive toward you. At that point, it will begin aggressively attacking, flying directly at you and attacking you with its talons.

Where to Find a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth

You can find a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth by going near any Bird Nest. Bird Nests can be seen on the game's Map.

In addition to Bird Nests, you can find Harpies flying around in the sky, especially at higher altitudes. Simply look up in the sky and see if you can locate any Harpies.

How to Kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth - Using a Blocking Attack on a Swooping Harpy Bird

How to Kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth

There are two ways to kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth:

  1. Throw a Melee Weapon or shoot a Ranged Weapon at it
  2. Use a Blocking Attack with a Melee Weapon right before it hits you as it's swooping in

Shooting a Bow, Crossbow, or Gun while the Harpy is in the air -- whether it's flying normally or swooping in for an attack -- runs the risk of you not being able to recover your ammo. I strongly advise against throwing a Melee Weapon for the same reason: you may have a hard time getting it back.

A much better solution is to use a Blocking Attack. Hold a Melee Weapon in your hand and hold down left-click to charge the attack. When the Harpy is swooping in, let go of left-click just before it hits you. If you time it right, you'll land the Blocking Attack, killing the Harpy and avoiding any damage. If you miss the timing, you may take some damage, but you still have a good chance of killing the Harpy.

Killing a Harpy will net you a Harpy Trophy decoration, a couple of Feathers (which are used in Crafting), and a couple of Eggs (which can be used in Crafting and Cooking).

Now you know how to kill a Harpy in Survival: Fountain of Youth! Why not further expand your knowledge by checking out our other guides below!

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