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In this Remnant 2 Yaesha Choice Guide, we'll go over whether you should help or fight the queen, along with the rewards obtainable for each choice.

When entering the world Yaesha, one of the potential starting areas will be The Red Throne (the other one being The Forbidden Grove leading into the Ravager world boss). After heading through this area, you'll come across a set of large doors. Interacting with these triggers a cutscene, where you talk with the Empress of the Pan people.

Talking to the Empress, with the option to compain or fight back.

Should you Challenge the Queen or Fight the Abomination?

The Empress will give you the task of slaying the "Abomination", if you let her talk at least. When going through the dialogue options, one marked with swords will appear numerous times. Choosing any of those options will cause the 4 guards to attack you, and you must defend against them.

Choosing to fight has 2 outcomes. The first is that the Empress says you passed the "test" (though it's not like the guards weren't trying to kill you), and sends you off to go fight the Abomination anyway. If you fail, you end up in the jail below the throne room.

Not choosing to fight will simply have you head off on your way. Regardless of the option you choose, you don't actually have to return to the Empress after fighting the world boss either way (though it's worth going back for the rewards).

Character looking at the Empress while behind bars in a dimly lit jail cell.

What Happens When You're Arrested in Remnant 2

If you get arrested, you'll wake up in jail before quickly being freed by the Empress — she's actually not the real one. Leaving the jail and heading up, you'll be able to pick up the Royal Broadsword melee weapon along the way. This jail area is not available without being arrested, though it's possible to go through the illusory wall to the right of the throne room and grab the chest regardless.

Once the world boss is killed, head back to the throne room and the Empress's attendant will be waiting at the door. She'll give you the Zohee's Ring, which increases Mod Duration when equipped.

Choosing to Fight the Abomination

If you follow the Empress's request instead (or win the encounter with the guards), you can leave the throne room and continue through Yaesha. After killing the boss and returning, choose the polite/non-confrontative options (i.e. "Long Live her majesty!") to be given the Seal of the Empress ring which increases Max Health and Stamina.

The Seal of the Empress has an extra use, letting you enter a hidden room in The Red Throne area when equipped — head to the left room with the books before the path to the throne room. This secret contains Ford's Scattergun, needed to obtain the Archon Archetype.

An illusary wall at the end of a hallway.

Remnant 2 Ornate Lockbox

There's an additional set of rewards tied to the Empress, obtainable as long as you don't choose to fight and then lose against the guards.

In The Widow's Court, you can pick up the Ornate Key from a dead guard (the placement of this guard is randomised). You can also find an Ornate Lockbox by heading through an illusory wall at the end of the waterway below the main area.

You have to choices here. Take the lockbox back to the Empress to receive the Red Doe Sigil amulet, which increases Relic Healing.

If you instead choose to open the lockbox (inspect it in your inventory then use the interact option), you can return the Thaen Seed inside for the Burden of the Rebel ring, which reduces Skill Cooldowns.

This seed can also be planted in the garden back at Ward 13, eventually growing Mature Thaen Fruit. This item allows you to revive from death, and can be harvested multiple times.

Aiming at the Corruptor world boss with a bow.

Remnant 2 Corruptor Alternate Reward

The Corruptor is one of the world bosses of Yaesha, and gives 2 rewards depending on how you kill it — neither reward will affect what you'll be able to get from the Empress or her attendant.

The rewards are based on whether you take down the stone construct during the fight with the Corruptor. If you kill it, you get the Hollow Heart used to craft the Stonebreaker melee weapon.

If you do kill it at any point in the fight (it eventually gets revived by the boss, reducing its health), you instead get the Twisted Lazurite, used to craft the Twisted Arbalest long gun.


As always, you can re-roll Yaesha to get the other rewards that you missed the first time.

That's all for our In this Remnant 2 Yaesha Queen Choice Guide! Make sure to check out more of our Remnant 2 guide below.


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