Remnant 2 Hewdas Clock Guide

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Remnant 2 Artwork depicting a victorian seque clock tower over a blurred screenshot of the Lonsomn map

This Remnant 2 Hewdas Clock guide will show you how to solve the puzzle of the Hewdas clock and get it up and running so you can claim the reward. 

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If you've come across the Hewdas Clock Tower and fought your way to the top, you're probably wondering how you get it going again. THe nearby diaries give you a few clues but not much else. Make sure you unlock the lift for a shortcut before exiting the tower. 

Remnant 2 screenshot depicting a cobbled street on fire with various ashen statues of dead inhabitants while a man points a gun at some still alive ones

Head out into Losomn and explore the map unit you come across the Lemark District. Here you'll find everything is on fire, and there are plenty of enemies to take down. 

Remnant 2 screenshot showing a rundown house filled with various different types of clocks

Fight your way through the burning men until you reach a small house filled with clocks. You can read the note in here to reveal more about the inhabitants, but the main part of the puzzle is the clock above the desk which you have to adjust. 

How to Unlock the Clock

To find the correct time you'll need to follow the instructions in the diary entry you found in the house: "Look to the Tower."

Remnant 2 screenshot of a sniper scope looking up at an old fashioned clock tower with weird looking gargoyles

Head back to the clock tower and look up at its face. You should be able to just make out what sort of time it is from your vantage point. If you're struggling, try equipping a scoped rifle like the one sold in Ward 13

Remnant 2 screenshto of a clock in a workshop surrounded by other clocks with a close up of the face of the clock in the bottom righ tcorner

Enter the time you found on the tower into the clock in the hovel and you'll receive a gear. Go back to the tower, insert your new gear, then turn the crank to finish the puzzle. If you just want the result, check out our image above for what our answer was. 

Hewdas Tower Clock Puzzle Reward

Remnant 2 screenshot with a hyper close up of an item called the broken timepiece and its infobox

For all your trouble you'll receive a broken timepiece, a material item that can be used to craft the Timewarp Weapon mod back in Ward 13. 


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