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This Remnant 2 Meidra Question guide will show which answers you need to choose to get each of the two possible rewards, and what each reward does.

In Yaesha, it's possible to run into the NPC Meidra. She'll be marked on the map before appearing, and can appear in The Forbidden Grove area. After introducing herself, she'll say she wants to ask you a few questions.

If you accept, you'll be asked 5 questions, each with 2 answers. Depending on which answers you choose, she'll say you have the "Doe's eye" or the "Ravager's eye". Each one will give you a different trait, and you can only earn one of these without rerolling the world.

The Bloodstream trait with no trait points spent

Remnant 2 Meidra Question Rewards

If you pick answers that align with the Doe (avoiding killing where possible, acting generically "good"), you'll get the Barkskin Trait. This offers +1% damage reduction per point, up to +10 DR.

If you pick answers that align with the Ravager (killing when you could potentially avoid violence, going against people's wishes even if it could lead to a good outcome), you'll get the Bloodstream Trait. This increases Grey Health Regeneration by 0.3/s per point, up to 3/s Gray Health Regeneration.

Remnant 2 Meidra Question List

Do you kill your patients to find the cure, or is it better to let the illness decide?

  • I will not kill knowingly - Doe
  • Kill the patients - Ravager

Do you give immortality to all or only a chosen few?

  • Controlling the gift is better for everyone - Ravager
  • All should share in the gift - Doe

Do you give him what he asks?

  • Sacrifice the young Pan - Ravager
  • Refuse the god's boon - Doe

Do you report the thief, or allow the poor orphans to keep the coin?

  • The orphans should have the money - Ravager
  • Report the thief and let the law decide - Doe

Do you forgive them?

  • No, they deserve it - Ravager
  • Yes, I forgive them - Doe

Do you give up one of your children, or face the threat of enemy soldiers?

  • Give up the weaker child - Ravager
  • Risk death for us all - Doe

Do you stop them or let them learn from their mistakes?

  • Let them continue and learn what they will - Ravager
  • Stop them for their own safety - Doe

Do you take your vengeance or turn the scum over to the authorities from whom he already escaped?

  • Turn him into the authorities - Doe
  • Strike my sibiling's killer down - Ravager

Do you save your son or your granddaughter?

  • Save my granddaughter - Doe
  • Save my son - Ravager

Do you convict the innocent or risk your daughter's life?

  • Convict the innocent - Ravager
  • Free the innocent - Doe

Do you save the family or do you let the family suffer by sparing the unwilling donor?

  • Spare the healthy donor - Doe
  • Take the kidney - Ravager

Do you kill your patients to find the cure or is it better to let the illness decide?

  • I will not kill willingly - Doe
  • Kill the patients - Ravager

Do you poison him, or do you turn a blind eye to his plots of revenge?

  • Turn a blind eye - Ravager
  • Poison him - Doe

Do you push the stranger or risk the death of five miners?

  • Push the Stranger - Ravager
  • Risk the death of the five miners - Doe

Do you treat with the rebels, or do you preserve the peace?

  • Speak with them. Hear them out - Doe
  • Preserve the peace by any means necessary - Ravager

Do you torture your hostage or let the crowd fend for itself in the fire?

  • Trust the crowd can fend for itself - Doe
  • Break the son's arm - Ravager

Do you aid the victims or attempt to destroy the goon?

  • Help the Victims - Doe
  • Stop the Goon, whatever it takes - Ravager

Do you risk smothering the child to save yourself and the others?

  • Risk being found - Doe
  • Risk smothering the child - Ravager

Do you abandon your fellow hostages, or face death together?

  • Abandon fellow hostage - Ravager
  • Face death together - Doe

Do you give the king the means to kill his enemies, or do you send them away and risk war?

  • Let him kill his enemies on his own - Doe
  • Give him the fruit and end the war - Ravager

Do you slay the warrior or leave him to whatever fate may hold?

  • Slay him - Ravager
  • Leave him - Doe

Should you give Maidra the Ring (Tear of Kaeula)?

Once you've made your choices above and landed on Doe/Ravager, she'll tell you a story and then ask you about a ring you (may) have. That ring, the Tear of Kaeula belonged to her sister, who you defeated in the previous area. Answer correctly and you'll have 2 choices in front of you:

  • [Give Tear of Kaeula] - Receive Sorrow Handgun
    • Damage 45, RPS 2.6, Magazine 5
  • [Keep Tear of Kaeula] - Keep Ring
    • Increases Relic capacity by 2 while equipped

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