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Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide - Cover Image One Possible Map of N'Erud at an Angle

In this guide, we'll explain how the Remnant 2 Map works, how to fast travel, and why your Map might look different from someone else's.

There's a lot to explore in Remnant 2 after you've completed the first few quests. Successfully navigating these alien worlds, fighting bosses, and finding loot will depend on your ability to read the Map. Read on to learn how it works!

The Remnant 2 Map, Explained

The Remnant 2 Map is represented at three levels: the World Map, the Region Maps, and the Local Map. Here's how each of these Maps work.

World Map

Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide - World Map

The World Map can be accessed after you first travel through the World Stone by interacting with any Checkpoint (the big red glowing crystals). It allows you to access the Region Maps of all Worlds you unlocked, return to Ward 13, or join a multiplayer session.

Region Map

Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide - Region Map Yaesha

The Region Map shows you all of the local areas within a region. Each circle represents an area you've unlocked. You can fast travel to these areas by clicking on them, even from another World.

Local Map

Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide - Local Map for The Withering Weald

The Local Map is your immediate area. It shows the level around you in full 3D.

Take special note of the legend on the top-left of the Map. "Main Path" areas are required for beating a World. "Side Path" areas are optional sections that you do not have to visit to complete a World, but they will often have boss fights and loot.

Why is My Remnant 2 Map Different?

Remnant 2 uses a level of randomization for Maps, so not every Map will look the same. The names of a World will always be the same -- N'Erud will always be N'Erud, Losomn will always be Losomn, and so on. However, the locations within each world may have different names.

Take a look at these two different versions of the Map of Yaesha:

Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide - Yaesha Map Comparison

The Map on the left is from my first playthrough of Remnant 2. The Map on the right is from my second playthrough. I started in The Red Throne on the Map on the left, and I started in The Forbidden Grove on the Map on the right.

Local Maps appear to be somewhat randomized, too, with the sole exception of the tutorial area and Ward 13. Unfortunately, that means that we can't show you a consistent Map for any section of the game.

That said, Maps tend to follow a simple pattern. You'll start in one area. That first area will exit into a hub zone, and that hub zone will connect to several dungeons or smaller areas. Keep that in mind when playing Remnant 2 and be sure to explore thoroughly!


Remnant 2 Locations

Here are all of the core locations you'll visit in Remnant 2.

Ward 13

Ward 13 is your base of operations for Remnant 2. It serves as a safe zone for resupplying as well as a place where you can purchase items from vendors and upgrade your equipment. There's a safe you can unlock in Ward 13 as well.

As you progress through the game, new items will be available for purchase or crafting at vendors. Make sure to visit it regularly!


Yaesha is a swamplike realm that is infested by The Root. E 

Yaesha is one of three areas that can randomly be selected as your first World after leaving Ward 13 for the first time.

Possible Yaesha Locations:


N'Erud is a massive alien ship traveling through the cosmos. Unfortunately, it's gradually breaking down, and the people who can repair it are incapable of doing so without your help.

N'Erud is one of three areas that can randomly be selected as your first World after leaving Ward 13 for the first time.

Possible N'Erud Locations:

  • Forgotten Prison (Tal'Ratha Shard)
  • (N'Erud Guardian Shard)
  • Hatchery
  • Vault of the Formless
  • Void Vessel Facility
  • Eon Vault
  • Dormant N'Erudian Facility
  • The Putrid Domain
  • Timeless Horizon
  • Tower of the Unseen
  • Astropath's Respite


Losomn is a mystical land of the Fae and Dran. Though it seems oddly civilized at the outset, you'll find dark secrets within.

Losomn is one of three areas that can randomly be selected as your first World after leaving Ward 13 for the first time.

Possible Losomn Locations:

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is a sort of extradimensional hub that connects all of the other Worlds together. Unfortunately, it is slowly collapsing and causing increased instability throughout the connected Worlds.

The Labyrinth is always the second World you'll experience in Remnant 2 after you've completed whatever first World you were randomly assigned. Once you beat The Labyrinth, you'll be given access to the other two worlds you were not randomly assigned.


The World of Dran is pure chaos. Flames and fire abound in what was surely once a prosperous and peaceful World.

Dran is the final main World in Remnant 2. You will have to complete the other Worlds before you gain access to it.

How to get Missing Locations in Remnant 2

Remnant 2, due to having a number of different choices throughout the game, as well as the random sub-locations that each World has - offers a lot of replayability through resets and adventure mode. You can reset at any time, and keep your character progress but start the story over completely.

Resetting and Adventure mode will allow you to unlock additional weapons through boss options, puzzle options, and more.

How to Fast Travel in Remnant 2

You can fast travel in Remnant 2 by interacting with any red Checkpoint crystal (a.k.a. World Stone) and clicking on your desired destination on the World Map.

Thanks for reading our Remnant 2 Map and Locations Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!


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