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Remnant 2 Artwork showing a mulitplayer menu selection screen with various level names on a blurred screenshot of the multiplayer gameplay in the background

This Remnant 2 multiplayer guide will teach you all of the details on how multiplayer actually works in the game and how you can get the most out of it. 

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Multiplayer is important in Remnant 2, but it’s not always super obvious how the system works. We’ve listed out some basic tips to help you get online and play with your friends. 

How to Play Remnant 2 Multiplayer

Remnant 2 Screenshot of main save menu showing a man in post apocalyptic garb with heavy weapons and armor

Boot up your game and head for the main character selection screen. Above the 'Start Game' button is a menu of different online modes you can cycle through with A/D. 

  • Public - Anyone can join your game 
  • Friends Only - Only your friends can join your game (But you can still join any game)
  • Offline - No online connection is allowed

Change your selection to Public or Friends Only to play online. Friends Only also allows you to play without having random people join your game, but still allows you to join other games. 

How to Join a Friend's Game

Add your friends to the friend list of the platform where you're playing the game and set your game to friends only to prevent random people from blocking your ability to join.

Press Shift+F3 on Epic Games or Shift+Tab on Steam to access your social overlay. Right-click your friends and select 'Join Game' or 'Invite' to invite them to a game or join the one they're already playing. 

How to Use the Multiplayer Menu

Remnant 2 Screenshot showing a level select menu with various world names and selection points annotated for the viewer to explain them.

In the 'Join Game' menu, the circle in the centre has the difficulty selection at the top, and the campaign/adventure mode switch at the bottom. You can see a swarm of little dots that are the available games for yu to join, and when you click one it'll give you a run-down of what the level is like. 

How does Loot work in Multiplayer?

Remnant 2 screenshot showing a character in the distance wandering around a victorian-era sewer

When playing with other players, both players get duplicates of any loot that is picked up by any player. That means everyone will get the same amount of scrap as all the other players. 

If you revisit an old area and would obtain a second copy of a unique reward (trait, weapon, etc) you will receive a quantity of scrap instead. 

How to Play Remnant 2 Crossplay (Epic and Steam)

Remnant 2 Screenshot of main save menu showing a man in post apocalyptic garb with heavy weapons and armor with a red box around a link in the top left corner of the image

If you're on Steam and you want to play Remnant 2 with your Epic Friends, you'll need to link your Epic and Steam accounts on the game's homepage. Check out the top left corner of your main menu when you load the game (check out the image above if you can't see it.) 

Follow the instructions to link your Epic Games account to your Steam account. 

Epic Games Account Page Showing Various Social Account Logos with Connect Buttons Beneath

If you're trying to play with Steam friends while you're on Epic, you'll need to go to your account page and Log In. Click 'Apps and Accounts' in the navigation menu on the left and then click 'Connect' under the Steam logo. Log into your Steam account to link the two. 

Your Steam friends should now show up in your Epic Games social panel. 

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