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TelRatha in NErud Remnant 2

In the area of N'Erud in Remnant 2, you’ll be faced with a choice – do you kill Tal Ratha or let Tal Ratha eat you? This guide will explain the perks of each, as well as how to get to them.

When you first enter N'Erud, if you land in the Forgotten Prison you'll encounter a being behind the glass, who asks you to bring him Soul Sparks. Finding them and bringing them back, will put you face to face with the World Boss of N'Erud

Where to find the Soul Sparks in N'Erud

Once you leave the Forgotten Prison, you'll make your way to the surface, and you'll want to get to the Eon Vault region through the Hatchery. There's a few doors around for you to follow to other places, but you'll find the Soul Sparks directly in the area, down in this area pictured below:

Image of the Entrance to the Vault With Soul Sparks on N'Erud

Once you've obtained the Soul Sparks, you need to find the other entrance to the Forgotten Prison which will allow you to enter a room with the N'Erud world boss - Tal Ratha.

Should you Be Eaten by Tal Ratha or Kill him?

When you enter the room, Tal Ratha will talk to you about free will, and destiny - ultimately offering you two choice: To say no, and fight him, or to be eaten and "become immortal." Neither choice is wrong, and each has a special reward for you.

What you get if you Kill Tal Ratha (Handgun)

If you choose to fight him, you'll immediately have the area around you turn into an arena, and you'll fight to the death. Killing Tal Ratha will reward you with standard rewards + Spiced Bile, which can be used to craft Nebula, seen below:

Image of McCabe Crafting the Nebula Handgun Reward for Killing Tal Ratha


What you get if you let Tal Ratha eat you (Melee Weapon)

If you choose to be eaten... you'll be eaten of course. After which, you'll wake up and immediately fight Tal Ratha (Metaphysical) With solid dodge timing, this is a fairly easy fight in which you'll be avoiding both the boss and projectiles. Killing Tal Ratha (Metaphysical) will reward you with standard rewards + Acidic Jawbone, which can be used to craft Gas Giant, seen below:

Image of McCabe Crafting the Gas Giant Melee Weapon Reward for Killing Tal Ratha



With Tal Ratha out of the way, and the shard in your possession - head back to Labyrinth and give it to the keeper to proceed to the next world.

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