Remnant 2 Water Harp Solution & Secret Song Guide

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Image of the Remnant 2 Water Harp from the Side

If you're making your way through the Ravager shard of Yaesha, you'll come across the Water Harp in The Lost Temple, a musical puzzle that has two tunes you can make it play. This guide will give you the main Water Harp solution, as well as the special solution that unlocks an achievement and a sweet gun.

We'll walk you through both solutions below, as well as how to activate the waterwheel, but this cool contraption will play two different tunes for you.

Remnant 2 Water Harp Solution

The solution to this one is actually pretty easy, but you need to find the nearby book to determine the solution, it's the same song that the Flautist nearby is playing. This book can be found near the checkpoint, and the first page, pictured below, is what will give you the solution for the main song the Water Harp can play.

Image of the book in Remnant 2 that gives the Water Harp solution

Based on the image I took in the game above, there are 8 total rows, and the solution is as such:

  • Row 1: Last Peg
  • Row 2: Skip (No Peg)
  • Row 3: Fourth Peg
  • Row 4: Skip (No Peg)
  • Row 5: Third Peg
  • Row 6: Fourth Peg
  • Row 7: First Peg
  • Row 8: Skip (No Peg)

Hit the Lever nearby, after getting the waterwheel running, and a pathway will open up and take you to the Ravager, another World Boss that asks you to choose the Ravager or the Doe.

Remnant 2 Water Harp Secret Song (Carnage in C-Minor Achievement)

When you first come to The Lost Temple, you'll hear The Flautist playing a tune and you can go to speak to him for the Familiar Face achievement. When you use the Water Harp Solution above, however - his tune will change! This new tune, is the key to a secret achievement called Carnage in C-Minor, that you get by playing a second song on the Water Harp.

I did a bunch of tinkering until I got that one, but here's the solution so you don't have to waste any time:

  • Row 1: First Peg
  • Row 2: Fourth Peg
  • Row 3: Skip (No Peg)
  • Row 4: Second Peg
  • Row 5: Fifth Peg
  • Row 6: Skip (No Peg)
  • Row 7: Third Peg
  • Row 8: Skip (No Peg)

Hit the lever, after getting the waterwheel running, and the song will play - unlocking the Carnage in C-Minor Achievement, and netting you the Bolt Driver inside a small pedestal nearby.

Image of the Bolt Driver in a pedestal as your reward for completing the secret water harp song

How to get the Water Harp Waterwheel Running

When you first get to the Lost Temple, the waterwheel above the checkpoint isn't running. The only way to get it running is to continue along the story path through the Faithless Thicket, to the Nameless Nest where you'll defeat the Mother Mind.

Head out from there, through the Faithless Thicket again - you'll encounter the Root Nexus which you can defeat for the Blood Bond Trait and Hallowed Egg Amulet inside.

Unlock the shortcut nearby, and then take the other path, which will branch into 2 different doors. One will be a side region (I got the The Chimney) and the other will take you to the Forbidden Grove, above the Lost Temple's Checkpoint.

Pull the Lever, and the Waterwheel will start - enabling you to use the Water Harp!


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