Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens Solutions Guide

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Image my character in remnant 2 standing inside the cathedral of omens

In this Remnant 2 Cathedral of Omens Solutions guide, we'll explain how to get each of the three rewards offered by this puzzle area. Here's how to solve The Calamity, the Blood Moon, and The Hope.

Cathedral of Omens Solutions - Getting Started

When you first enter the zone, there's nothing really telling you what to do. However, if you enter the library room just inside the door - you'll find a book on the table that outlines a few things:

  • The symbols on the puzzle
  • Puzzle 1: The Calamity
  • Puzzle 2: The Blood Moon
  • Puzzle 3: The Hope

You'll need to use the symbols on each puzzle to correspond with the door you'll be opening. Each door has the symbol above it, and in the puzzles you'll be pointing the arrow at that door.

I won't bore you with the details of each puzzle in this guide, and just give you the solutions to get you your rewards quicker!

Cathedral of Omens - The Calamity Solution

This one is pretty quick to complete, and opening it will net you a nice item.

From the entrance of the room, face the circle and the solution on the image below is what you're aligning it to.

Image of the Cathedral of Omens Calamity Solution

The Calamity Reward: The Faith Seed

Cathedral of Omens - The Blood Moon Solution

With the second one, you'll need do some some minimal rearranging.

Head to, and face the circle from the blood moon door (right side when you enter) the Blood Moon Solution looks like this:

Image of the Cathedral of Omens Blood Moon Solution

The Blood Moon Reward: Two Chests to open. UNLESS it's a Blood Moon, in which case a door will open in the floor to a Blood Moon Room which contains 3 Blood Moon Essence, and Ring of Omens.

Cathedral of Omens - The Hope Solution

The final Cathedral of Omens puzzle takes a bit more effort, but it's very much worth it!

Head to the circle, and facing the circle from entrance of the room, The Hope Solution looks like this:

Image of the Cathedral of Omens The Hope Solution

The Hope Reward: A pedestal will appear in the middle of the floor, granting you the bow Sagittarius.


That's our short and sweet guide to the Cathedral of Omens Solutions, and unlocking the rewards inside! For more guides, check out some from our team below:

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