Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Safe Guide

Last Update: July 25, 2023 4:15 PM


Remnant 2 artwork showing an enlarged safe with a glowing border while a blurry screenshot of a man holding a gun makes up the background

Our Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Chest Guide will show you how to unlock the chest in Harvester's Reach without tearing all of your hair out. 

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Remnant 2 Screenshot showing a character pointing their gun at a strange opening in the floor

Remnant 2 Harvester's Reach Safe Location

Keep your eyes peeled during your exploration of Harvester's Reach for a relatively obvious opening in the wall. The area behind it won't show up on your mini-map until you actually go through. 

Crouch and go through the opening to find a safe and a bunch of numbers scrawled all over the place. You'll notice that some of the numbers light up when you shine a light at them, which is also how we solve the safe's code. 

Remnant 2 screenshot with a safe being illuminated by a glowing flashlight while  a man with a sword stands nearby.

How to Open the Harvester's Reach Safe

To solve the puzzle, you'll need to find four different glowing numbers spaced around the room. Your first should be by the safe itself with a lamp that illustrates how the glowing numbers thing works. 

Remnant 2 screenshot with a safe being illuminated by a glowing flashlight while  a man with a sword stands nearby.

You'll need to check every corner of the room with your flashlight turned on to find all of the numbers. Some of them could be behind furniture, so make sure you destroy everything that looks like it's hiding numbers, and look through the bars on the wall too. 

Remnant 2 screenshot showing another glowing number on a wall covered in numbers scrawled in something white and chalky

Harvester's Reach Safe Code

The code we were given in the end was 3851, but we've seen various other combinations using those numbers. If you're struggling to find one of the numbers, maybe try the last remaining digit from the 1, 3, 5, 8 sequence. 

Inside the safe, you'll receive the Rusted Heirloom ring which gives you 2 stacks of Bulkwark if you fall below 50% HP. Great for a Glass Canon-style build. 



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