Medieval Dynasty How To Repair Buildings Guide

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If you've spent a few seasons building up your village in Medieval Dynasty then you've probably reached the point where your builds are looking a little worse for the ware. You've also probably wondered what it is that you're actually supposed to do about it. Well, read on to discover exactly how to stop your homes from looking like they're part of a slum. 

Medieval Dynasty How to Repair Buildings 

Medieval Dynasty How to Repair Buildings
Radial wheel menu's for everyone. 

So, you might be surprised to hear that you've already got everything you need to repair buildings. At least, as long as you've actually built any buildings you will have because the main tool requires is a wooden hammer. If you right-click with the hammering your hand, you should be given a radial menu with different build modes to choose from. The option at the top of the wheel puts your hammer into repair mode, turning all your structures green, and giving them a percentage value of how healthy they are. 

You might find that you still can't fix up your buildings, and that's because there are two other requirements that you need to meet before you can actually repair anything. First up, your building has to be below 50% health, or you can't repair it. Another factor is having stuff in your inventory that you can use as material. There's no definitive answer on what each type of building will require, but keep a bunch of different stuff on your to ensure you can fix your buildings when you need to. 

That's How To Repair Buildings

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If your house's condition is too high, you won't be able to repair it. 

You should now have more than enough information to get a handle on repairing your builds. Just remember, keep a bunch of resources on your, and make sure that your buildings are actually damaged enough to warrant a repair and you should do just fine. If you're struggling with any other areas of Medieval Dynasty, check out some of our guides, such as the bow guide, or how to make money


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