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How to Get Medieval Dynasty Straw

September 25, 2021 1:17 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


Are you wondering how to find Medieval Dynasty Straw? This resource is essential for building your first home. Fortunately, it's not too difficult to find if you know where to look.

A big part of Medieval Dynasty is erecting your own buildings and eventually creating your very own village. Trees are abundant and will serve your needs for Wood, but you'll also need to find Straw to make thatched roofs.




How to Get Medieval Dynasty Straw - Straw

How to Get Medieval Dynasty Straw

Getting Medieval Dynasty Straw is pretty easy. It's one of the many items that you can find out in the wilds -- as long as you know what you're looking for.



Head to one of the larger rivers -- not the smaller streams -- and look for Reeds as shown in the image above. Don't confuse them with the Cattail plants; Reeds are smaller and don't look all that different from normal grass.

Best of all, Straw is pretty light as far as resources go; you can literally collect hundreds and hundreds of pieces without worrying too much about overburdening yourself with too much weight. (You'll also level up your Skills a fair amount if you collect Straw in quantity, too.)



How to Get Medieval Dynasty Straw - Art

Where to Find or Buy Straw in Medieval Dynasty

What do you do if you've grabbed up all of the Reeds and can't find any more Medieval Dynasty Straw? You have two remaining options:

First, you can buy Straw from a Farmer vendor in Rolnica, Gostovia, or Denica. It will cost you 0.3 Coins apiece. This is the fastest option, but it's less than ideal -- especially when you compare it with the price of 0 Coins when you find it in the wild.

Your other option is Farming; you can grow Wheat or Oat and Thresh it in the Barn. Straw is essentially a byproduct from farming grain-type plants and you'll soon find that you'll have more than you could need once you've seriously committed to Farming. (Threshing also happens to make your grains more valuable, so you should do it or have a Person in your village do it for you.)


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